Riding Horses with Mongolian Nomads | Best Job Ever

CHRIS: I’m in Mongolia to discover what it means to be a modern day nomad. Wrestling is traditional in Mongolia. You know, what it physically difficult? Yes. Was I scared? Yes. Did I lose? I was slaughtered. What made it special was at the end of that whole day, I Continue Reading

Funny Horse: Horse Riding or Racing

Hello Guys These are the 6 participants Commanding officer of Indian Army having a chat with them This is one of the favourite to win, name: Mr. Reyaz When asked later he said I clearly told CO that I will win Getting ready to flag off the event CO will Continue Reading

Yabusame! Tournament Day (Part 2)

Tournament day and my team is hard at work… on their uniforms. Behind every yabusame man I find a woman making sure he knows which half of his shirt to put on and how to navigate his many-layered pants. The costume seems about as comfortable as a Victorian corset. And Continue Reading