Grand Canyon Adventure: The 750-Mile Hike That Nearly Killed Us (Part 3) | Nat Geo Live

– By now it’s March. Winter’s over, the weather’s starting to warm up. Starting to feel vestiges, signs of heat again, and Pete and I are about to pass through a doorway. We’re about to step across a threshold into a section of the canyon that is rumored by those Continue Reading

Grand Canyon Adventure: The 750-Mile Hike That Nearly Killed Us (Part 2) | Nat Geo Live

– By now it’s late October, it’s heading towards November, and we’ve actually done something remarkable. We have completed what was originally planned as the first section of our thru-hike. And we’ve got to a point in the river where we’re actually climbing out of the canyon, it’s about a Continue Reading


Oh my god… it smells so bad. This might be the grossest bathroom… I’ve been in… In my entire life. *coughing* Hey! Hey! Look at you, cute little mountain dog aren’t you cold? God… Talk to me how do you feel? Freezing! I cannot feel my mouth, or my Fingertips Continue Reading

Ep. 135: Grand Targhee | Wyoming skiing ski travel

Hey friends, welcome back to Grand Adventure! I’m your host Marc Guido, and in this episode we’re going to do something a little bit different. We’re heading up skiing at Grand Targhee Resort in Wyoming. Come along for the ride! Unlike many RV travelers we actually seek out snow in Continue Reading

Hiking In The Hills For NATURES TREASURES!

What is it Charlie? A treasure chest Well should we go out on our adventure today guys? Kind of a diamondly rock. Oh you just found the first treasure of the road trip. Hey Charlie there’s something at the door let’s go see. Let’s go, I just heard the doorbell Continue Reading

Mountain Skiing – Skiing Tricks | Winter 2017

Khibiny Mountains, Murmansk Region, RUSSIA people. our team You see the Walking Nice channel. to be continued…

Follow the Sunset with Paragliding/Yamaç Paraşütü ile Gün Batımını Takip Et

I’m in Eğri lake. It’s morning. It was a bit cold in the night… but I slept still comfortable. I camped here. And journey the begins! First day first take off. The takeoff will be this hill I’m in Karaman, Karadağ. I will walk nearly 12 km. I left the Continue Reading

Best of Paragliding 2018