Hiking England: Pennine Way – Part 1, Edale to Snake Pass

This is the Old Nags Head pub It’s the southern terminus, or the start of the Pennine Way The Pennine Way is a hiking trail that runs along the Pennines A series of hills in England, all the way to Scotland It’s 267 miles long and it was established in Continue Reading

Hiking the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook AKA the Culver City Stairs

The Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook is a 58-acre park along Jefferson Blvd just southeast of Downtown Culver City. The area acts both as a preserve for native wildlife and a nice little pocket of hiking space for the surrounding communities. Perhaps what the overlook is most known for is this Continue Reading

Mount Taranaki Summit Route: Alpine Tramping (Hiking) Series | New Zealand

For generations the grandeur of Taranaki has enticed many people to attempt an ascent to the summit of this now dormant volcano. However the weather can change very fast and climbing the mountain is a serious undertaking that should not be underestimated The mountain holds numerous tramping tracks for adventurers Continue Reading

5 Mistakes Beginner Backpackers Make

Hey y’all! Dixie here. Today I wanna talk to you about five common mistakes that beginning backpackers often make. Now, I’m not knocking the beginners, but, any professional just wasn’t born a professional. I mean, Michael Jordan didn’t pop out of the womb, start taking his first steps while perfectly Continue Reading

Exploring Ojai: Arts, hiking, funky shopping and travel tips for this hip California town

Hi, I’m Rosie, an editor at Where. Today we’re in Ojai, a small town nestled in a valley about 80 miles north of Los Angeles. Ojai is known for being an artsy, eco-conscious community with everything from gorgeous hiking trails to funky shops and luxury spas, and there’s a charming, Continue Reading

This is not a beautiful hiking video | A Pacific Crest Trail Thru-Hike

This is not a beautiful hiking video. It’s more about heat, pain, hunger, mountains, lakes, sweat, dirt, freedom, and friendship. Actually, it’s about walking a long distance, for a long time. 2016: I decided to pack everything I need into a backpack, take a plane from Vienna to California, and Continue Reading

Hiking the Pyrenees – Inside the Volcano of La Garrotxa

hey everybody this is really cool we’re in the Pyrenees of Catalunya, and we are standing inside a volcano right now. It’s the Croscat volcanoe here in la Garrotxa. What a beautiful area here. Obviously, the soil super-rich it’s super green, definitely a place to come. And it’s very unique Continue Reading

Hiking Magical Meteora | Greece Travel Vlog

Exploring the magical and mystical Meteora Well this is where the tourists don’t go When you come to Meteora make sure that you do a hiking tour because this is spectacular Echo! We’re here on the ancient footpath which used to be the only way you could reach these monasteries Continue Reading

Nordhouse Dunes in 4K | Winter Camping, Hiking, and Backpacking in a Snowstorm on Lake Michigan

[Andrew narrating] What does the future hold? Every new year we try to step forward in time To gaze out into the vast beyond and discover what fate will bestow upon us It may bring us good fortune and warm company We may face hardship that clouds our path Or Continue Reading

Potts Preserve

Potts Preserve in northeast Citrus County is 9,300 acres of pristine Florida wilderness. Purchased by the Southwest Florida Water Management District to protect the area’s water and wetlands, the Preserve contains a variety of native ecosystems and wildlife, including the threatened Florida scrub-jay. This property is very important because of Continue Reading