NOVA MENTOR 5 – NOVA Paragliders – Tech Video

Why is the new MENTOR 5 such a feel-good wing with better performance? Because after decades of cross-country flying experience NOVA knows how to build a proper EN-B glider. Let me tell you all about the new MENTOR 5. The wing itself is intuitive, this gives the pilot more confidence Continue Reading

How to Swim Faster Freestyle Instantly: 3 Mistakes Beginner Swimmers & Triathletes Make

If you’re either a beginner triathlete, or you’ve been swimming for a while and you’re just looking to get a little bit faster, stick around and I’ll tell you the three most common mistakes that new swimmers make. Ok, the first most common mistake, and even experienced swimmers are guilty Continue Reading

Skating in a drainage sewer – Red Bull Drenaje 2014

I felt very good. The audience gave me that extra energy because the spot is very exhausting. You have to push yourself all the time with all your strength, all your energy… it won’t give you any space; this spot won’t give you anything.

Barbie – The Twins Learn to Swim | Ep.93

Barbie – The Twins Learn to Swim Ah, ah ahhh… No peeking I not looking I just see if Chelsea looking Your Dad is nearly finished outside Come on Daddy! I want to see surprise! Chelsea! I… I… Alright, I was trying to see Ready! Yay! I not see where Continue Reading

How To Dive For Swimming | A Step By Step Guide

– Today I am at Sands Beach in Lanzarote and I’m gonna be talking to you about the dive start. Now, it is a very tricky skill to master, so if you have already been trying it and you have any specific questions, then please drop them in the comment Continue Reading

Giant Magic Tracks Swimming Pool Bridge Adventure!

Skating in Santiago – Braulio Sagas 2013

Hello, I am Braulio Sagas, I’m 21 years old and I am from Santiago. I have been skateboarding for over 10 years. I started on this with all my crew in Santiago Centro. I began skating because of my neighborhood friend´s influence. They showed me a lot of sports but Continue Reading