Justin Bieber Teaches Jimmy Fallon How to Play Hockey

-Hey, guys. I’m here with Justin Bieber, and we’re gonna play some hockey, or as they call it in Canada…? -Hockey. -Really? -Yeah. -Okay, let’s do this. Why do we need all this stuff? This is the dumbest thing. -So, imagine a puck, which is like really hard, you know, Continue Reading

Synthetic Ice Review – HockeyShot Extreme Glide

On The Tape: Comeback Kids

– All right Sharpy we’re back Season 2 On the Tape and we’re gonna look back at that 2010 season. And why don’t we start right at the top, Round 1 Game 5 versus Nashville Predators at home. – Huge win. Crazy atmosphere. I look back at all the playoff Continue Reading

Patrice Brisebois and Steve Begin take it outside

Anyway, Steve, I have so many good memories of playing outside when I was a kid. Hey, there’s a rink right there. Wanna play some hockey? There’s just one problem, Steve. -The snow? It’s a good workout, I guess…ah some shovels. Here we go. 1, 2, 3, go! This is Continue Reading

Washington Capitals Fan Experience

(upbeat music) – The Capitals hosted a contest a couple of weeks ago for winners to come out to MedStar Capitals Iceplex on sight is both Capitals alumni Peter Bondra and Alan May they’re kinda ofwondering around showing people how to skate, showing people different skills and drill stations. You Continue Reading

Alex Burrows Joins Canucks Ring of Honour – Behind the Scenes

(phone rings) – [Alex] Hello? – Hey Alex. – Alex, hi, it’s Francesco, how are you? – [Alex] Very good, yourself? – Very good, very good, it’s been a while hey? – [Alex] It’s been a while, how are things? – So listen Alex, the reason I’m calling is, what Continue Reading