Riding High with Horseback Therapy

Hi. I’m Aurelie. I work in HSBC Private Bank, Singapore in the Operational Risk team. I started to be a volunteer for RDA in October 2010. RDA stands for Riding for the Disabled Association. We provide a programme giving free therapeutic horse riding sessions to different riders with all kinds Continue Reading

Barbie™ & Her Sisters in a Puppy Chase Exclusive Sneak Peek with Hunter & Scout | Barbie

[MUSIC PLAYING] [DOG WHINING] [BARKING] [BARKING] Are you excited, Rookie? We’re almost there! [BARKING] Oh, cool! I can see the airport. Can you see the theater for my dance competition? Any dancers rehearsing on the stage? Chelsea, everything looks like ants from up here. Whoa. They have dancing ants? Look Continue Reading

How to Pick a Pair of Cowboy Boots : The Materials & Design of Cowboy Boots

Hi. I am Dustin Williams here at A.A Callisters on behalf of Expert Village. Today I’m going to talk about different types of leathers. Basically there is two major groups. One is going to be domestics and others are going to be exotics. Now you might ask well, what am Continue Reading

How to Do Horse Stance Drills | Taekwondo Training

I’m going to be showing you guys and teaching you guys the horse stance drill. First, let’s start from the beginning. We’re going to be doing a chariot. A chariot means feet together and hands together like this. Now we’re going to practice choonbi. Choonbi means ‘ready’. So we’re going Continue Reading

CCI*** Tattersalls 2012 Eventing

a big thank you to his lair for supporting this video okay we are on Tara Stiles the cci tree star class this is John Gorrie blue I’m writing today as you can see now it’s a lovely cool day here now not too much sunshine perfect conditions from own Continue Reading

Santorini Park Hua Hin + HORSE Riding in Swiss Sheep Farm! (Day 2)

Uh oh, I’m scared… Hello guys, today we are having our breakfast buffet here in the hotel. Have a look at the food. Hello.. we rented a car. We are now going to.. Hello, we have arrived in Santorini Park. We need to buy the ticket, let’s go! [I bought Continue Reading