Manila – Gensan – Sarangani Paragliding | PHILIPPINES

We’re gonna go up there Ok, let’s do this! Hahahaha Oh my God, I’m so nervous But I look cool ! Yeah Yea, haha Wish me luck ! Give me a sign ! Now ? Ohh wowowow ! I thought it’s gonna be scary It is ! Maraaa !! Hi, Continue Reading

PARAGLIDING GONE WRONG Compilation 2019 | Parasailing | Hang gliding | Survivors

Para-glider is going to collapse Now. They are going straight into tree…. Boat started to pull them back home. Rope broke and now they are no longer Connected to boat. Parachute is now pulling them towards deep sea. Parachute is not stable and is going to collapse. Deploying 2nd/backup parachute. Continue Reading

Hiking Crossing Mont-Saint-Michel, Normandië

Amai, greasy mess! Really nice, I must say! Look? My whole feet full of mud. Voila, here are our feet. Picture! Hello everybody, my name is Otto Oome. We have been on holiday in Normandy for a few days. We have made a hiking crossing from Bec d’Andaine to Mont-Saint-Michel. Continue Reading

Ice Hockey Skating Basics : Ice Skating Backwards

Now we will learn the crossover backwards, step by step. So we can start by, by skating backwards. Simple, like that. Take little steps. If you can glide, already. You can try to wave at the same time. So now you can try to transfer your weight from one leg Continue Reading

Ice Hockey Skating Basics : Ice Skating Backward Turns

Now we can try to push ourselves, backwards on a curve. Only with one leg. In this exercise, it’s also important to turn inside the circle. And let’s do it in the other direction, now. Now you can try to crossover. But don’t forget to turn inside the circle, with Continue Reading