Lean on Pete | Official Trailer HD | A24

So what do you think about all this, Charlie? Come on, come on! What do you mean? Working the backside, being here in the asshole of nowhere. I like working the horses. What’s this one’s name? Lean On Pete. Here’snumber six, Lean On Pete. He won, right? Yes. Look, if Continue Reading

‘Ride’ Premieres January 30th! | Ride Sizzle Trailer | Nick

[THEME MUSIC] “Ride” is a show about a girl named Kit who moves to England with her dad. A fancy new school for me; a stable full of horses for you! Does this mean you might actually get on a horse? KENDRA TIMMINS: He gets a job teaching at an Continue Reading

The First No Pants Subway Ride

I was going to meet someone for brunch so I was on the 6th train, I’m reading my book, minding my own business and there’s like commotion on the train, some people are like murmuring and i look up, and there’s a guy, he has no pants on I do Continue Reading

Lele Pons Talks Riding Horses in Venezuela, Telenovelas & More | Growing Up Latino

– Hi, this is Lele Pons, I was born in Venezuala and this is Growing Up Latino on Billboard. The best memory of living in Venezuela was definitely the… When I lived on a farm so was riding the horses, ’cause I remember doing that professionally with my dad. So Continue Reading


-(parent) Now, now, don’t forget to eat all your vegetables. -(Ian) Shut up! -That’s it, Mom! I’m moving out! -Me too! Love you, Mom. -The greatest thing ever just happened to me You see Take that, Mom, you can’t tell me how to be I’m livin’ on my own and Continue Reading