How To Front Blunt To Regular With Snowboarder Johnny Miller: The Trick

Hello and welcome to this episode of The Trick here on Network A. Today we are in the forest of Mount Hood and we are looking for the campsite of Johnny Miller. Once we find him, we are going to bring him up on the mountain and have him teach Continue Reading

Learn To Ride (Goofy) On A Snowboard

Seeking the fall line Seeking the fall line is where we rotate our board, turning it into a downhill motion. Think of your front leg as a joystick and point it where you want to go. Move it forward towards the nose and over your toe edge. This twists the Continue Reading

How To Coast, Pop, & Ollie On A Snowboard

There are three main ways of getting into the air off of a jump: coasting, popping and ollying. Coasting is usually the first technique you’ll use and it works great for learning how to hit jumps. It involves just staying in a relaxed stable position and letting the jump do Continue Reading

How to Ollie on a Snowboard – Snowboarding Tricks

What’s up guys? This is Kevin from In this video I want to show you how to Ollie and give you tips to make Ollies super easy to learn. Ollies are the first step to learning tricks and will give you the tools to start hitting jumps in the Continue Reading

Life as a Professional Snowboarder – Marco Smolla 2012

My style is to just have fun when I am snowboarding, and I like it best when the snow is really deep. The life of a professional snowboarder is very special to me because I have the opportunity to travel the world, and I’m constantly searching for the best snow Continue Reading

How To Frontside Blunt 270 With Snowboarder Dylan Thompson: The Trick ep. 4

Hello and welcome to another episode of The Trick here on Network A. Joining us today is Dylan Thompson. Dylan, good to have you here buddy. Pleasure to be here. Dylan has dropped some of the heaviest and scariest video parts to watch over the last couple years. What are Continue Reading

Skating in a drainage sewer – Red Bull Drenaje 2014

I felt very good. The audience gave me that extra energy because the spot is very exhausting. You have to push yourself all the time with all your strength, all your energy… it won’t give you any space; this spot won’t give you anything.

Street Skating in Barcelona – Red Bull Skate Arcade World Final 2014

♪ (techno music) ♪ Skating is just fun. What better place for it than an amusement park? It’s all here, and we’re having fun. We’re all here in Barcelona. One of the best skating spots in the world. An amazing view here, and a sick skate park. The international finals Continue Reading