How to Put on Your Snowboard || REI

hi I’m Amy Gann with the American Association of snowboard instructors or here with REI and this is how to put on your snowboard the first part of getting our snowboard on is making sure our boots are on correctly first thing you can do to set your day off Continue Reading

Snowboarding Tips For A Lone Wolf

As They say no friends on a powder day, and if you haven’t heard that before now you know! If it snows two or three feet you’re going to want to get up there and every minute counts because The the runs get tracked out. So if you wait an Continue Reading

Snowboarding: How to Carve

I’m Lauren Barnes, I’m with the American Association of Snow Board Instructors. Carving is a really great way to explore the whole entire mountain and start to really play with what your snowboard can do. In every snowboarding turn, there’s there phases. That’s going to include the initiation, control and Continue Reading

How To: Side Hikes

The side hikes that you’ll be doing during the day are all lead by a guide. Make sure to talk to the guide about the difficulty of the hike and they can give you a good idea of what to expect. A lof of the side hikes that you’ll be Continue Reading

How to Ski – What you need to know for your first day || REI

I’m robbing barns with the professional ski instructors of America Alpine team maybe your beginner skier or maybe you’ve decided it’s time to learn in any case I’m teamed up here with REI to share some tips with you on how to make it the best experience possible here’s how Continue Reading

A Hike to the Eaton Canyon Waterfall

Hey guys it’s Brian from We Like L.A. and today we’re at the Eaton Canyon trailhead where we’re going to do a quick hike to one of the easiest waterfall trails in all of Los Angeles County. So as to be expected there’s a few folks hanging out here at Continue Reading

Snowboarding: How to Nose Roll

My name is Lauren Barnes. I’m with the American Association of Snowboard Instructors. I like to use nose roll turns for all kinds of different terrain. It’s a great tactic for using on hard snow, steeps, bumps, and crud. Nose roll turns are really great for situations where you might Continue Reading

How to Snowboard – the basics of riding for your first day || REI

– Hi, I’m Amy Gan with the American Association of Snowboard Instructors. I’m here with REI to show you some things you can do on your snowboard to have some success out there if it’s your first time out or you’ve only been out for a few times. So that Continue Reading

REI Co-op Gear Guide: Best Hiking Socks

hey guys welcome to the REI co-op gear guide my name is hoe Tech and today we were talking about the best hiking socks you can find at REI this year so to pick our socks we looked at customer reviews we talked to our customer members when they were Continue Reading