What others think of horseriding VS What I think! + ENGL SUBS | felinehoi

What exactly are you doing? There you go! Hi guys! Thanks for watching this new video! I’m with Romy van der Linden. She has her own channel and asked me to film a video together. I usually don’t respond to that, but I’ve been watching Romy’s video’s for a few Continue Reading

War Horse (2011) Trailer 2 HD – Steven Spielberg Movie

Wat is het? Het is een paard dat rondliep in het niemandsland. Wat voor paard? Een wonderbaarlijk paard, als je het mij vraagt. Engeland is in oorlog! We zijn in oorlog! Ik beloof dat ik voor hem zal zorgen. Als me dat lukt, geef ik hem terug aan jou. Hij Continue Reading

My horse and I know no boundaries. Horze – It’s A Lifestyle

exploring nature is my adventure the freedom of the fresh air with the world at my feet the weather the trails the changes being prepared for whatever the day may bring is essential my horse and I know no boundaries

My boyfriend tacks up and rides my horse?! + ENGL SUBS | felinehoi

Pff, how does this work? Working out before riding him. – Exactly. Put your hand under… Yeah, like that. Use your fingers to search for his mouth. Yeaah, almost, almost… Yeeeey! Marley looks like a Shetland pony when you’re riding him. Sjoerd is way too big for Marley, we knew Continue Reading

Paardrijden- Wat heb je nodig bij paardrijden?

Hello all of you! Welcome too horse riding with fun! My name is Destiny! I started this channel to help people who like to start with horse riding and for people who want to know more about it. In this movie I will explain what kind of equipment you need Continue Reading

Hinniken Horse News with Madee & Feline #12 + ENGL SUBS | felinehoi

So Madee’s our celeb of the day. – Yeah, I’m the celeb oehoee. Hi guys! I’m in my trailer and I want to talk to you about something before this video starts. Something that really annoys me and that’s such a shame. It makes YouTube less nice… It’s about comments Continue Reading

Being in pure harmony with my horse, a perfect fit. Horze – It’s A Lifestyle

My drive is the will to win; the thrill to compete. Being in pure harmony with my horse, a perfect fit. Riding means the world to me. To share a passion with loved ones, and loving ones. Exploring nature is my adventure; the freedom of the fresh air, with the Continue Reading