The Triple Crown of Hiking – Will “Akuna” Robinson

more people have gone into outer space more people have climbed Mount Everest then have achieved the triple crown of hiking being the first african-american male this is humbling you know it’s a hard thing to describe because it hasn’t completely sunk in yet but it’s an honor you know Continue Reading

How to Hike Blister Free! Sara’s tips for a Painless Thru-hike, Camino, or Long-Distance Walk

the painful blisters or hot spots on your feet ever stopped you from enjoying a hike it has for me and over the years of thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of miles of hiking around the world I’ve developed the system that allows me to hike Continue Reading

Hiking Central Oregon – Mt Thielsen Climb

Good morning Julie and Tom here we’re at the Mount Thielsen trailhead in Central Oregon. I’m guessing they’re working on the sign because the sign doesn’t say anything, anyway today we’re going to be hiking in the Mount Thielsen Wilderness we’re going to be crossing the Pacific Crest Trail this Continue Reading

This is not a beautiful hiking video | A Pacific Crest Trail Thru-Hike

This is not a beautiful hiking video. It’s more about heat, pain, hunger, mountains, lakes, sweat, dirt, freedom, and friendship. Actually, it’s about walking a long distance, for a long time. 2016: I decided to pack everything I need into a backpack, take a plane from Vienna to California, and Continue Reading