BMW Berlin inline skating marathon 2017: preparation day (pascal briand vlog 77)

[Music] three two one I am arrived in Berlin it’s time to pick up the numbers you know already goes my bag there is like a big process to the million but a sport to get their numbers I look like the same guy on here [Music] oh good good Continue Reading

How to train inline skating in a hotel room? (pascal briand vlog 106)

aujourd’hui je fais une vidéo un peu spéciale car j’ai pas pris le temps de m’entrainer j’ai pas eu le temps de m’entrainer aujourd’hui il est bientôt 22h mais je veux faire un petit truc quand même alors je vais vous montrer un exo à faire pour travailler la foulée Continue Reading

inline speed skating How to get a good position (pascal briand vlog 67)

today I will give you a few tips about how to set up your skating position [Music] I like to think of the setting of my skating position like setting my own bike for the setup of the upper body in skating is it a bit like setup the eyes Continue Reading

How to use your shoulder for inline speed skating (pascal briand vlog 89)

in today video I will give you a few information about how you can use your shoulders when you skate [Music] the things I have quite changed with the way we use the shoulders because of the size of the wheels when we had a smaller waist like 84 millimeters Continue Reading

inline skate 3 tips for a good push (pascal briand vlog 62)

today’s video is about the three main point you have to think where if you want to do the right push [Music] in the previous video we have seen a information about how to land a skate how to take outside edge next step is to think about the bush Continue Reading