Joe Jonas & Nicole Scherzinger with The Skating Aratas – NBC’s I Can Do That

The Skating Aratas (From V – The Ultimate Variety Show) Hi, we are The Skating Aratas from V – The Ultimate Variety Show and we hope you saw us on I Can Do That, the NBC new hit show were we teach two celebrities to roller skate just like us Continue Reading

Meet the Figure Skaters and Artists Backstage at CRYSTAL Cirque du Soleil

It’s like a real stage. It’s not an ice rink anymore; it’s a stage. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s getting real! I can’t wait to see how everything comes together. I see they have lights installed and everything. Well, I’m just looking at that ramp, up there, and I’m hoping they’re Continue Reading

Egg Performs “One Way Or Another” By Blondie | Season 2 Ep. 1 | THE MASKED SINGER

What It Takes To Perform In ‘Disney On Ice’

This is “Disney on Ice.” But as you can see, there’s much more to the show than skating. Bryan Santiago: One, two, three and four. Three, turn, five, six, crossover, seven, eight. Narrator: We got to meet some of the show’s principal performers. Like Nelson Sanchez Leemet, who plays the Continue Reading

Yuna Kim’s Figure Skating Journey – Exclusive Interview | Athlete Profile

I am Yuna Kim, I’m a figure skater, and I represent the Republic of Korea. I started skating with my older sister during a school break, I was 6 years old. A coach suggested to my mother that I should to become a professional skater. So that is how I Continue Reading

These Swimming-pool Streets | Spoken Word from Run Softly

the pavement melts beneath feet and under the gaze of the Sun day after day after ancient day; under the sheer friction heat of shoe soles car tires glass glazes stone mazes tarmac cowers and drips and melts through the soil and clay, hot with hot bodies diving and dancing Continue Reading

Hiking & Climbing Approach Shoes by Black Diamond Review | Outside

– Hey everyone, Ariella here, curator with Outside. Today we had an office visit from Black Diamond, they’re launching a new line of approach shoes, four of them, and we have Kolin Powick here. He’s the climbing category director from Black Diamond. He’s going to walk us through the line. Continue Reading

High heel roller skates?!

[Door Bell Ringing] [Marawa] Oh no, this is Kevin just arriving home probably… [Music] 5-4-3-2 Let’s roll! This is how we roll, this is how we roll, this is how we roll! Let’s roll [Cheering] Yeah! Wahoo! Yipee! Hey Planet Roller Skaters! Indy Jamma Jones here and today I’m really Continue Reading