Hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is AMAZING

So we’re in the town of Peru getting ready to hop on Peru rail to head to wherever it is we’re going to head to get onto the Inca Trail. By itself, the train ride is pretty amazing. You”ll travel through some pretty spectacular scenery on your way to the Continue Reading

Takanakuy: Fistfighting in the Andes

[INTRO PLAYING] [CHEERING IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE] THOMAS MORTON: Hi. It’s Thomas. We’re in the Peruvian Andes. It’s the day before Christmas. All these guys are about to go beat the shit out of each other. It’s called Takanakuy. [CHEERING AND MUSIC IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE] THOMAS MORTON: Takanakuy is a giant Continue Reading

Laza Lovaglás és Elrontott Reggeli / Vlog 20

Good morning. Soon I’ll tell you what happened tomorrow afternoon, because I know that the video kinda just stopped. But… On the way back I didn’t want to take more footage, just wanted to enjoy the view. Then I fell asleep, then we came home… Nevermind. For now I have Continue Reading

Machu Picchu Horse Riding!

thats the, what can you call them.. dunkay cariers some are horses some are not mules the look so sad look at them its because its to early thay feel the same as us hahah my friends second day is the most difficult second day energy my friends its for Continue Reading