Die Zirkel im Reining Pattern

Three circles are part of every pattern. Two big circles and one small circle. The big circles have to be big and fast. The small circle has to be small and slow. The transition to the small circle works through speed control. That means I make a transition from fast Continue Reading

My Omega Seamaster Watch Dies & She Rides!

Hey guys, got a few things on today. We need to go into Nottingham, because my Omega watch is dead. The battery finally died I knew it had been going for a couple of weeks to be honest and so called a couple of jewellers. They say it’s going to Continue Reading

My horse and I know no boundaries. Horze – It’s A Lifestyle

exploring nature is my adventure the freedom of the fresh air with the world at my feet the weather the trails the changes being prepared for whatever the day may bring is essential my horse and I know no boundaries

VLOG Riding lesson and Q&A’s

[Applause] hi we are on our way to my instructor cool gunner and we’ve got a little bit of coffee a little bit of whipped cream cake okay yeah I was going to ask for um for sweet’n low but I don’t think that’s necessary today so my my messin Continue Reading

Being in pure harmony with my horse, a perfect fit. Horze – It’s A Lifestyle

My drive is the will to win; the thrill to compete. Being in pure harmony with my horse, a perfect fit. Riding means the world to me. To share a passion with loved ones, and loving ones. Exploring nature is my adventure; the freedom of the fresh air, with the Continue Reading