The LeMieux Merino+ Range & How It Benefits Your Horse | Naylors Equestrian

Hi I’m Lloyd from Horse Health and I’m here to tell you today about the Merino+ range that we now do. We do these in a range of styles so we do the GP, we do a close contact, and we do a dressage. The difference between our Merino+ and Continue Reading

Charlotte Dujardin’s tips for riding a lazy horse | Your Horse

A thing I kind of do with my lazy ones, if I have lazy ones – I don’t have many because I don’t really let them get that lazy! But I do a lot in a field I teach them I kind of just go in a field and I Continue Reading

Riding High with Horseback Therapy

Hi. I’m Aurelie. I work in HSBC Private Bank, Singapore in the Operational Risk team. I started to be a volunteer for RDA in October 2010. RDA stands for Riding for the Disabled Association. We provide a programme giving free therapeutic horse riding sessions to different riders with all kinds Continue Reading

Kukka-Maaria rides Kanalas and Gamilla & other stable things

Hi everyone! Today we are going to ride our ponies. First Kukka will ride his pony Kanalas and them my mare Gamilla. Kanalas is quite a special pony. We have had so many problems with him! He has been difficult to mount. And almost everything has been hard with him! Continue Reading

Horse rider confidence strategies with Helen Rennie | Your Horse

Good afternoon everyone as Rhi said, I’m Helen Rennie I’m a rider psychology coach at my own business Rezone Coaching, which I set up almost three years ago to the day to focus on rider mindset now the equestrian world is not the only sport I love but it is Continue Reading

Lifetime experience of little girl riding pony

I’m taking my daughter to a very special woman I started with horses when I was old already. I was just office girl for everything on the farm but I’ve never been, dirty, I’ve never been like smelly, I’ve never been sweaty. I just didn’t know anything about horses I Continue Reading

XC Thrills and Spills – Crown Farm – Helmet Cam

Ooo… Ah… interesting! Interesting… Too much for a first one? Good girl! Woo! Good girl! Canter on… [click click] Come on, canter on! It quite hard though isn’t it? Good girl Hey! [click, click, click] Good girl! Woo Wooo! Hahahaha Did you have to read it? No reading this time, Continue Reading

Ariat Vortex Sport Tall Riding Boots | Naylors Equestrian

Hi I’m Mieke from Ariat and I’m here today to talk to you about our new vortex boot. So the vortex boot is Ariat’s new tall boot that showcases sporting technology in equestrian footwear. It has the new nitro technology running through the outsole that showcases this multicoloured pebax frame Continue Reading

Official Preview | Equus “Story of the Horse” | NATURE | PBS

Over thousands of years, humans and horses have forged a special bond and a unique partnership. “When you get that relationship with a horse, sky is the limit of what you can do.” From the frigid Arctic to the hottest desert, discover what makes horses and humans so perfect for Continue Reading