What Are We Swimming In? (GAME)


Do you guys remember the show on Nickelodeon called Danny Phantom LITNESS Well, that’s me now if you guys don’t remember the show it was a long time ago Let me just show you who Danny is, that’s Danny Phantom with the white hair and green eyes This is Faze Continue Reading

Do You Love Swimming Pools in Summer? Let Us Ruin That for You

How’s your summer going? Did you spend a lot of time in the pool? Have fond memories of the ol’ swimmin’ hole? Well, let me retroactively ruin them. Pools are gross. The thing about water is some pathogens absolutely thrive in it. Harmful viruses, bacteria, and protozoa can be transmitted Continue Reading

How natural swimming pools work – CHOICE

I’ve likened a natural pool system to the biota of the human gut. A system made up of a whole range of diverse bacteria and they work together as a system to feed and purify the water that’s moving through them. The bio filter essentially mimics a planted regeneration zone. Continue Reading

✔ Minecraft: How to make a Swimming Pool

Pumpkins in the Swimming Pool! Filling my Pool with Pumpkins What Happens?!

Swimming in Ice Pools of Fire.

– Good morning from Alaska. It’s day one, day two, day two, I guess we’ll call it. – It’s not even day, but it’s day– – It’s day, it’s like 10:00 in the morning and– – It’s completely dark outside. – Totally dark, it only gets light for about three Continue Reading