Join British Swim School Barracuda Swim Team

Have you heard about British Swim School’s Barracuda swim team? The Barracuda team provides children a positive experience with competitive swimming, without the pressure and intensity of a league swim team. Coached by experienced Instructors, the tools we teach, in a stress-free setting, will guarantee a smooth and easy transition Continue Reading

10 Best Inflatable Swimming Pools Reviews 2018

1 | Intex Oval Frame Pool Set 2 | Bestway 118 x 79 x 26 Inches 3 | Intex Metal Frame Pool Set 4 | Intex 24ft X 12ft X 52in Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool Set 5 | Intex Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool Set 6 | iPool D Set 7 Continue Reading


– What is going sharers? I’m Stephen Sharer. We got this box fort and we got this frozen pond. We’re about to stick the box fort on top of the frozen water, will this work? Will it sink? I don’t know. Let’s find out, let’s put it on, let’s give Continue Reading

Swimming Lesson: How to Swim Deep Underwater

In this video, we’re gonna learn how to swim deep. To swim deep, it’s important that you’re able to control your breathing. Before going down to deeper levels, let’s practice breathing. Take a big breath and blow bubbles underwater. Repeat several times until you feel comfortable. Once you feel confident Continue Reading

All about above ground swimming pools

An above ground pool is a pool that remains entirely on top of the ground. These pools are often left free-standing and can be surrounded by a raised deck. Sizes start as small as 12′ round and can be installed in one day. Their depth is dependent on the style Continue Reading

10 Swimming hacks for a more enjoyable time at the swimming pool

Here are 10 swimming hacks you can use to have a better experience in the pool. 1- Getting water out of you ear can be tricky. a safe way of dealing with the problem is using gravity to help you out. Oh and don’t put anything inside your ear, that Continue Reading

How did Elizabeth Learn How to Swim? Watch her Win

(laughs) “It’s Elizabeth’s first bath.” (Cute baby sounds) (More cute baby sounds) “Yay!” “Yay!” (Adorable baby talk.) “Good girl.” (faint) “Yay!” “Good girl.” “No!” “Yay!” “Good job!” “You did it!” “Okay, go to Mom.” “You want to go to the wall?” “Go to the wall.” “Right behind you.” “Go, go, Continue Reading