How natural swimming pools work – CHOICE

I’ve likened a natural pool system to the biota of the human gut. A system made up of a whole range of diverse bacteria and they work together as a system to feed and purify the water that’s moving through them. The bio filter essentially mimics a planted regeneration zone. Continue Reading

How to Skate Bowls – Guide to Pumping, Carving, and Maintaining Speed

My name is Justin Lauria, and today I’m going to show you the basics of riding a skateboard in bowls and pools. So, before we get started, first take a moment to check your trucks and make sure that they’re loose enough to be skating in a bowl. You can Continue Reading

9 Places You Should Never Swim In!

From water so hot it could boil you alive to a lake filled with acid, here are some places you should never go swimming: 9. Lake Hillier This bright pink lake is located in Australia. It is about two thousand feet long and eight hundred twenty feet wide. This strange Continue Reading

Physical activity – learn to swim (video)

bjbj GFYL-004 Learn to Swim Tony Tony: Water, I don t mind the stuff. I don t mind showering in it; I don t mind jet skiing on it and I don t mind going on boats, but when I have to put my head under the water, that really Continue Reading

this pool should not exist…

Hi everyone now in the past we’ve made videos on water slides, roller coasters, and many other cool and exciting things However for today’s installment, we will be taking a look at our pics for the top five pools you won’t believe actually exist So without any further ado let’s Continue Reading