How To Coast, Pop, & Ollie On A Snowboard

There are three main ways of getting into the air off of a jump: coasting, popping and ollying. Coasting is usually the first technique you’ll use and it works great for learning how to hit jumps. It involves just staying in a relaxed stable position and letting the jump do Continue Reading

How To Pop Off Jumps On A Snowboard

Once you’re comfortable coasting off jumps, you want to start getting a little more air so you can start doing tricks. There’s no point in learning tricks if you’re only a few inches off the ground, you just don’t have enough air time. That’s where popping comes in. Approach the Continue Reading

K-POP ROLLER SKATE DISCO met Pei Yin 🇰🇷✌🏻 (with sub)

Hey, and awesome that you are watching this new vlog I am going to a K-pop rollerskate disco with Pei Yin Which means we will have a K-pop disco party on 80’s skates Super cool and I am really excited! That is why I will be vlogging it And if Continue Reading

Martin Strel, Marathon Swimmer | HUMAN Limits

My doctor, he said, “Martin, don’t do this, don’t do this, don’t do this. Don’t swim. You’re gonna die.” I am different because I found the way. I don’t feel any pain anymore. My name is Martin Strel, 62-years old, born in Slovenia and I am professional marathon swimmer. I Continue Reading

SUPER ULTRA MEGA PARK STUNT ON SKATE 3 (Skate 3 Speed Glitch, Pop Glitch & Underground Glitch)

you know what it is skate 3 every day so in my last skate 3 video we were on this skater let’s change him up and while I change this fucking beautiful ass bitch up i’ma show you guys how to do the speed glitch after I finish editing my Continue Reading

VLOG_4 Hiking and Celebrating the Norwegian Constitution Day!

oi hehe aah! it works I just had a nap And yeah, thats.. Why am I saying that as an intro to this video? It’s the 16th of May, which means tomorrow is the 17th of May which means it’s the Norwegian Constitution Day. That’s what it means. But before Continue Reading

Action Bronson – “Easy Rider” (Official Video)

Don’t let me die! Solider tell me what happened. Where is my guitar. Where is my guitar! Praise the lord i was born to drive low Feeling like Slash in front of the chapel I’m leaned back with the Les Paul Shit I smoke is like cholesterol Spilled dressin’ on Continue Reading