Hockey Players try Red Bull Crashed Ice Track for the first time WITHOUT Practice!

It won’t matter because the ice that’s kind of soft it’s even like no sharpening your Sunday They’ve never been wrong or like matter. Yeah Yes can I’m gonna do behind you sweat get you Jersey and get a shot of it, you know Well, I’ll just wait here yo Continue Reading

Hiking Camelback Mountain For The First Time |

(upbeat music) – Good morning clan, welcome to Friday, it’s Friday, Friday. We’re here, Camelback Mountain doing our weekly hike, as I said, as I just said we would. As foretold we’ve got the Bevos with us, or at least two out of the three Bevos. Jack’s got to work, Continue Reading

Male skaters hit the ice for U.S. Figure Skating Championships

a huge week for fans of figure skating here in Metro Detroit LCA hosting the US Figure Skating Championships and today the men were out practicing our Jimmy Edmonds is live with a closer look and Jamie I bet it’s getting intense out there on the ice oh absolutely actually Continue Reading

How to Ride a Horse

How to Ride a Horse. Whether you’re interested in Western- or English-style horseback riding, some simple information can help you learn to ride a horse fast. You will need Sturdy shoes with a minimal heel Long pants Riding helmet Horse Appropriate gear Mounting block (optional) and friend (optional). Step 1. Continue Reading