Rodeo Training – Advice from two rodeo champions

WYATT: Project filter is a, um, health and wealth program in Idaho that’s uh, geared towards, getting people to stop using tobacco. WILEY: Real cowboys, don’t use tobacco. It’s not like the Margo man anymore. [music] WILEY: Wyatt and I have both been, spokespersons, for, project filter for, couple years Continue Reading

Bareback Riding Training to step up your riding level

All right, here we go. I am going to bring in my test dummies for the bareback riding, Garrett and Cooper. Let’s get rolling. All right. Welcome to Win with Wy. This is the bareback riding. Let’s start going through the equipment. We are going to go through it pretty Continue Reading

Saddle Bronc Riding – Find the proper saddle bronc riding boots

All right. Bronc riding boots are pretty important. First, you want a boot that’s got a leather sole. You also want a hard counter on the back so that your feet don’t hurt. You want a flat bottom so that your stirrups feel right. You also want to buy them Continue Reading