Dexter Goes To College | Robot Chicken | adult swim

Man #3: So, Dexter, tell me why you think you’re M.I.T. material. Surely you are joking! I see. Trying to justify your salary. Well, I was a boy genius. I built a secret laboratory at age seven where I created brilliant inventions. Right, but I don’t see any extracurriculars here. Continue Reading

Cheerios! | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim

It’s hard to find a great-tasting breakfast that won’t raise my cholesterol. Did somebody ask for a tasty breakfast?! Wow! Ohh! Nothing beats the taste of oats and honey! It’s gr-r-r-r-r-eat! What the [bleep]?! Aah! No! No! Oh, my God, no! This can’t be happening! It’ll be okay, bee. You’ll Continue Reading

Victoria Beckham Called Security on Michael Sheen at an Ice-Skating Rink

-This is very exciting. You’re about to have a child. -I am. Yes. -Yeah. Any day now. -Yes. [ Cheers and applause ] -And you’ve had — this is your second, but there’s been a bit of a gap between them. -Yeah, I left 20 years between them. -Yeah. -Because Continue Reading

Choose Your Pokemon! | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim

Welcome to the Johto Gym, Ash. Let’s see if you got what it takes. Pikachu, I choose you! Pika, pika! Henry Kissinger, I choose you! We should take advantage of the Sino-Soviet split and open relations with China. That’s… Uh, wai– what? Uh, uh, Pikachu, thunderbolt attack! Pika-chu! Oh! Henry Continue Reading

Honest Scooby Doo | Robot Chicken | adult swim

Woman: What happens when four best friends write each other letters about how they really feel? The letters have been delivered. “We’re best friends, and I love you.” Aw! “But I have to tell you that you’re weak. I mean, I’ve heard of damsels in distress, but you make Princess Continue Reading

Cannibal Cop | Soft Focus with Jena Friedman | Adult Swim

♪♪ Friedman: In 2013, New York was gripped by the case of the Cannibal Cop, an NYPD police officer who plotted to eat his wife and her friends online, with harmless quotes like… He has since served time in prison, and he’s even written a book about his experience. Here Continue Reading

Chipchella | Robot Chicken | adult swim

Boys, have I got news for — Alvin! Put some clothes on! Technically, Dave, fur is our clothes. And it’s not a shirt. It’s a [bleep] nightgown! Oh, shut up, boys! I just booked you for this year’s Coachella. [ All cheering ] Are we on the main stage? Uh, Continue Reading

Ya Burnt: Skiing, New Year’s Resolutions

-If you were on Twitter today, you may have seen people sharing this video about migrating tree frogs and — [ Sniffing ] I’m sorry. I could be wrong here, but I think I smell smoke, and that could only mean one thing. It’s time for “Ya Burnt!” [ Cheers Continue Reading

Switchamaf**k | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim

Announcer: Karen wanted to grow up a little too fast. I hate being 13! Announcer: Until she wished on an old Civil War coin… Let me be a grown-up already. Announcer: …And woke up 30 years later. Oh, my God. I have boobs. I have a house. I have a Continue Reading

Bushworld Adventures | Adult Swim

♪♪ Man: ♪ Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah ♪ ♪♪ ♪ Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah ♪ [ Horn honks ] Morty! Morty-y-y-y! Ohh. Oh, Rick? Get the car, Morty! Get in the car! Aw, Rick, I was asleep. I was having a little Morty sleep. Morty, Continue Reading