How Snowboarding Conquered The Winter Olympics | Burning Questions

It might be one of the most popular Winter Olympic sports around, attracting throngs of cowbell-ringing fans everywhere it goes. But did you know that snowboarding was actually banned by most ski resorts until the 1980s? All right. Chill out, mate. Chill out. It’s a ski resort. Oh… So how Continue Reading

Can Athletes from Tropical Countries compete in Winter Olympics? | Burning Questions

Pristine beaches, crystal-clear seas, and balmy temperatures. Where better for an athlete to prepare for the Winter Olympic games? Snowy powerhouses like Norway and Canada will be expected to dominate proceedings at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. But what about those countries where ice would be nice and snow is Continue Reading

Do fancy costumes help Skaters win Olympic Glory? | Burning Questions

Where else would you be able to see a giant swan and a besequined harlequin battle it out for top honours on a 30 metre by 60 metre sheet of ice? No, not the world’s weirdest themed fancy dress party, but the Winter Olympic Games. (BURNING QUESTIONS) (DO FANCY COSTUMES Continue Reading

Throwing a Gay Pride Roller Disco Party

– Hi everyone! It’s Tyler, and to celebrate the end of “Chosen Family” Season Two, I decided to invite all of you guys to come do my favorite thing of all time while being gay, and that is rollerskating. Me and my queer friends always come here for Gay Night, Continue Reading

gays on ice: olympics edition (ft. Adam Rippon)

– Hey everyone, my name is Tyler Oakley and I am here with Adam Rippon. He is an ice skater and he is incredible. And I am going to the Olympics this year, did you know? – Me too. – Oh my God! I just felt like, what better way Continue Reading