Equus Kör // REINING stílus-erő-elegancia az EquiWal főtámogatásával

Equus Core represents, sponsored by Equiwal: Reining. Style, power, elegance! What is Reining exactly? Besides the more traditional English disciplines, we are presented more and more often with the Western style disciplines nowadays in Hungary. Out of a broad list of Western disciplines, one of the most exciting and popular Continue Reading

Die Zirkel im Reining Pattern

Three circles are part of every pattern. Two big circles and one small circle. The big circles have to be big and fast. The small circle has to be small and slow. The transition to the small circle works through speed control. That means I make a transition from fast Continue Reading

Rundown und Sliding Stop

Stop and rundown always go together. The rundown is “the road” to the stop. It should be clean and straight. When I come around the corner I start speeding up and I go faster, faster and faster. It should be under control – if possible. The sliding stop is a Continue Reading