Snowboarding in New Zealand – Ennitime – Ep 1

It’s always nice to come to New Zealand. You get to snowboard again after the summer and see all the friends you don’t usually see during the summer time. The Snow Park is always in great shape and there’s a lot to ride. It feels like riding in Finland, as Continue Reading

Slopestyle Snowboarding w/ Anna Gasser

Hello, my name is Anna Gasser and I’m a slopestyle snowboarder. I just love to snowboard because … it gives me a certain feeling that no other sport has been able to give me. There’s an incredible sense of freedom behind it and you are your own master in every Continue Reading

Step 1 To Dynamic Snowboarding Better Rhythm!

Let’s start focusing on rhythm. That’s really going to help us develop our cross under movements our dynamic turns, so with Rhythm What I like to do is have people stand on their boards statically, they’re in a place where the board’s not moving it’s flat. Then I have them Continue Reading

Learn To Ride (Goofy) On A Snowboard

Seeking the fall line Seeking the fall line is where we rotate our board, turning it into a downhill motion. Think of your front leg as a joystick and point it where you want to go. Move it forward towards the nose and over your toe edge. This twists the Continue Reading

Quand le snowboard était le roi des pistes

How To Ride Switch On A Snowboard

Hi this is Nev Lapwood from Snowboard Addiction. We’re up at Whistler Blackcomb and this is a tutorial on switch riding. When you first learn to snowboard you generally ride in one direction until you’re relatively confident. At this point you start doing jumps, learning to butter and entering the Continue Reading

Unusual Ski and Snowboard Race – Red Bull Home Run 2014

I couldn’t see well, it was foggy. There was competition. Over 120 athletes. I saw people passing me by. I was shaking. I couldn’t see where I was heading. Bumps everywhere. Very simply I said, “Okay, I will turn the snowboard straight and whatever happens.” You race without mercy, Unstoppable! Continue Reading

Life as a Professional Snowboarder – Marco Smolla 2012

My style is to just have fun when I am snowboarding, and I like it best when the snow is really deep. The life of a professional snowboarder is very special to me because I have the opportunity to travel the world, and I’m constantly searching for the best snow Continue Reading

SECOND DAY SNOWBOARDING | snowboard beginner

Ski & Snowboard Park Contest – Red Bull Innsnowation 2013 Italy

Red Bull Innsnowation is a competition tour. Its motto is: design it, build it, ride it. Today is the final day! Today is the last step of the tour, here in Val Senales. This tour brought us to Chiesa Val Malenco’s Palù park, to trentino at the Monte Bondone and Continue Reading