The Safe and Smart Way to Pick Up Your Horse’s Back Feet

Hi, I’m Danvers. I’m the Hoof Health Consultant for SmartPak, and today we’re going to talk briefly about safely picking up a horse’s feet and how to do that in a way that makes them more comfortable and more willing to be cooperative. As a general rule, horses will give Continue Reading

Can A Super Bike Make Up For A Lack Of Talent? | The GCN Show Ep. 325

– Mmm. Are you recording this, John? (laughing) (beeping) – From the majestic climbs of Malibu, California. Welcome to the GCN show. – Welcome to the GCN show brought to you by Wiggle. – This week we find out just how much is down to the bike and how much Continue Reading

Hermès | Super Sox and Lillie Keenan

socks is a nine-year-old Hanoverian gelding he’s BAE he’s very special horse to me he’s one that’s new for me to work with and I think he’s a very bright future super socks has a big personality he lets you know he’s present whenever he’s in the barn so he Continue Reading

Justin Women’s Gypsy Collection Review

PAIGE: Hi, I’m Paige, and I work on Customer Care. Today, I’m reviewing the Justin Women’s Gypsy Collection Boots. I love these boots because they’re really versatile. I can wear them when working in the barn and also if I want to hop on for a quick ride. These boots Continue Reading

#ROOTD – SmartPaker Becki

Hi, I’m Becki, and this is my riding outfit of the day. I’m wearing the Under Armour Perfect Jacket in Electric Blue. As the temperatures are cooling down, it’s the perfect layering piece. The fabric is really soft and stretchy, so it moves with you in the saddle. I’m wearing Continue Reading

Meet the SmartPakers: Bjorn

BJORN: My name’s Bjorn. I’m the Manager of New Media at SmartPak, and I’ve been here for three years. It was a little bit daunting when I started that it was a company of riders and I definitely was not one. I’d been around horses when I was like super Continue Reading

SSG All Weather Gloves Review

Hi, my name is Lucy, I work in Customer Care, and today I’m reviewing the SSG All Weather Gloves. First of all, I use these gloves as a schooling glove. They’re what I would call a utility glove, so they wear incredibly well. I think we say somewhere on our Continue Reading

William Whitaker on the #HorseHour Podcast

hey welcome to the horsehour podcast I’m Amy Stevenson my guest today is the lovely William Whitaker, he’s an international show jumper member of Team Great Britain but you’ll know the Whitaker name because his uncles have been show jumping for years, they are British show jumping heritage. There’s so Continue Reading

Tipperary Eventer Vest Review

SARA: Hi, my name is Sara, I work in Creative, and today I am reviewing the Tipperary Eventer Vest. This vest is the most comfortable vest you can wear for cross-country. It is extremely lightweight, and because of this construction with the pads, it’s very, very flexible, and it moves Continue Reading