Yarrabah Rodeo

Yarrabah is paradise to us, and it always will be. We’ve got the sea, and the land, and the rainforest. No place better than this place, this place we call home. Yarrabah. Yarrabah is a pretty diverse community. There’s a lot of different tribes here that have been brought in Continue Reading

Bronco Busted | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

MECHANIC: Well, boys, the bad news is, your car is busted. The good news is, I can fix it. For 350 bucks. But we don’t got that kind of dough. Aw, man! (SHRIEKING) Ease up there, pal. We’ll think of something. Hey, the rodeo’s in town. I hear bronco bustin’ Continue Reading

Rodeo school: How to ride a bucking bronco

Move over Montessori, there’s a new coolest school in town – well not any town nearby, but Australia’s first Rodeo School has opened in Mount Isa. The Isa Rodeo School is a prestigious academy in the arts of bronco and bull riding and being a rodeo clown, meaning that the Continue Reading

Meet the Horses 🐴 The Last Cowboy | Paramount Network

(intense music) – [Man] Trying to pick a favorite horse is like trying to pick a favorite kid you know, that’s a tough one, you hate to leave somebody out. – These horses are taken care of the same as human athletes, we’ve got a treadmill, massages, heat’s good for Continue Reading

Saddle Bronc Riding – Find the proper saddle bronc riding boots

All right. Bronc riding boots are pretty important. First, you want a boot that’s got a leather sole. You also want a hard counter on the back so that your feet don’t hurt. You want a flat bottom so that your stirrups feel right. You also want to buy them Continue Reading

Meet the Riders | The Last Cowboy | Paramount Network

Working with horses, it’s so much more than just cowboy hats, the boots, and the spurs. As women, we have to prove ourselves a lot more. Horses were always in my life. That taste of the win, it’s always a good taste. This way of life means everything to me. Continue Reading

Inside the Life-or-Death World of Competitive Bull Riding

They do call bull riding the most dangerous sport on earth. But, bull riding can prepare you for so many things in life. Courage, respect, discipline. My dad was a bull rider. And I rode bulls. And now to see my son do it, it makes me really proud. So Continue Reading

Horse Boot Protection with Patrick Smith

Horse Boot Protection with Patrick Smith there’s a lot of boots out there how to use a lot of the different boots in my career and the Professional’s Choice Elite VenTECH is the bood that I choose to use. Their made for protection and this is something I think is Continue Reading

Trick Riding: These Horse Riders are True Daredevils | Still Standing

After being at the brewery you could say I fell off the wagon and now I was ready to fall off a horse. I went to see a Edgerton resident trick-riding sisters Krista and Amber Graham How did you guys get into this? Well, like we rode ever since we Continue Reading