The Last American Rodeos (Part 1/2)

MALE SPEAKER: Get in the hold now. Get in the hold now. Get in the hold now. Whoa! Come on. Come on. Turn around. EARL TSOSIE, JR: When we get to rodeos now, we meet people. And that’s when we have our time, we meet a lot of people. We Continue Reading

National Rodeo Champion

♪ Music ♫ Sarah Angeloni: I’m a national champion, and you’ll never guess in what. ♫ Music ♫ Narrator: James Woods High School senior Sarah Angeloni is passionate about rodeo and won the breakaway roping championship at the 2016 National High School Rodeo in Wyoming this past summer. Sarah Angeloni: Continue Reading

Lo que me faltaba por hacer en Texas: IR A UN RODEO

This is the deep America. Today we have come to see a rodeo. And it turns out that the rodeo that is organized here in San Antonio is one of the largest in all Texas And one of the most historical ones too. All I see is trucks everywhere. I’m Continue Reading

Reining 101 | The Last Cowboy | Paramount Network

Reining is something my family has always done. It was my dad’s passion and my brothers’ and it’s a family affair for me. The sport of reining, it’s one of the few equestrian sports that really holds that true spirit of the American cowboy. Quarter horses are typically what we Continue Reading

How To Misty 720 On Skis

Once you’ve got the baseline foundation of an axis mastered, adding spin is relatively easy. Working towards Misty 720, believe it or not there’s a progression for that! Remember those Misty progressions? Warm them up without the Tramp Skis on first. On takeoff spot the centre of the trampoline. Because Continue Reading

How To Switch Rodeo 540 On Skis

If you’ve got Misty’s dialled, Switch Rodeo 540 is essentially the sister trick to the Misty. Though there may be similarities the two tricks feel very different. The main difference is the orientation in which the trick is set on snow. Instead of a forward rotating 540 traveling forward. Switch Continue Reading

Rodeo Training – Advice from two rodeo champions

WYATT: Project filter is a, um, health and wealth program in Idaho that’s uh, geared towards, getting people to stop using tobacco. WILEY: Real cowboys, don’t use tobacco. It’s not like the Margo man anymore. [music] WILEY: Wyatt and I have both been, spokespersons, for, project filter for, couple years Continue Reading

Bareback Riding Training to step up your riding level

All right, here we go. I am going to bring in my test dummies for the bareback riding, Garrett and Cooper. Let’s get rolling. All right. Welcome to Win with Wy. This is the bareback riding. Let’s start going through the equipment. We are going to go through it pretty Continue Reading