Wheel Configurations for Skates – Featuring Mo from GrnMonster

Hey guys it’s Dan from DevaSkation.com here. I wanted to answer a couple of questions today. One of the biggest things we get on our Facebook and Email is questions on wheels — switching up your hardnesses, mixing and matching hardnesses. There are a lot of opinions out there. All Continue Reading

How to Clean Roller Skate Bearings

Hey guys, it’s Dan from Devaskation.com here. We’re doing a little video today on how to clean and properly maintenance your bearings. you get a lot better performance and a lot longer life out of them. You can breathe some new life into an old set of bearings by just Continue Reading

How to Decorate a Roller Skating Party Birthday Cake with Jill

Hi, welcome to Sweet Art Made Simple I am so glad you have joined me today If you have not subscribed to our channel, I would love for you to join my channel Today I have a beautiful cake I am making for a little girl who is turning five Continue Reading