10.03.2016 – Alex’ Speedskate Equipment 2016 | ENGLISH Junker inline speed skating HD www.eAlex.me

Hi folks! Today I’m gonna show you my speedskate of 2016. Here we go: My shoes are again Junkersports this year. You can see, they are all new – I wear it only one time until now. The shoes are custom boots – they are build on the basis of Continue Reading

Skating Rollerblading Documentary Nino35yearsanniversary Skola rolera miroslavlukicdesign.com

I was always more into the child adventures, than into money adventures. When story comes from the heart, words are not sufficient This the story about making subculture & begining of this art-sport in Balcan and ex Yugoslavia, It`s also about Serbia, contry once quite closed and unfrendly for all Continue Reading

Roller Skating | Roller Dance

(upbeat disco music) – In today’s Motivation to Move we’re going to skate to good health. So I am here with Elizabeth at the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel to talk all about roller dance fitness. Now Elizabeth when we talk about that we were our body and we’re working our Continue Reading

Joe Jonas & Nicole Scherzinger with The Skating Aratas – NBC’s I Can Do That

The Skating Aratas (From V – The Ultimate Variety Show) Hi, we are The Skating Aratas from V – The Ultimate Variety Show and we hope you saw us on I Can Do That, the NBC new hit show were we teach two celebrities to roller skate just like us Continue Reading

Wheel Configurations for Skates – Featuring Mo from GrnMonster

Hey guys it’s Dan from DevaSkation.com here. I wanted to answer a couple of questions today. One of the biggest things we get on our Facebook and Email is questions on wheels — switching up your hardnesses, mixing and matching hardnesses. There are a lot of opinions out there. All Continue Reading

How to Change the Wheels on Your Roller Skates

Hey guys! Dan, from Devaskation.com here. Today we’re going to do a quick little video. Just a simple video on how to change skate wheels. A lot of you guys already know that but we do get a lot of emails and phone calls asking how to change out skate Continue Reading

Epic or Fail LIVE!

– Sometimes I come out here and I show you “Epic or Fail” videos. Usually they’re pretty good and they end really, really great, and sometimes they end with somebody’s pants splitting open. [audience laughter] You people are too smart to try anything like that, right? Wrong. [audience laughter] There Continue Reading

#180sec Köln: Aggressive Inline-Skating mit Matwej

This is Cologne Cathedral. It’s famous for the skaters that used to be here. In 2011 they made the whole area unskateable. They put in notches that are called ‘grindstoppers’, so that we couldn’t skate here anymore. Ever since the grindstoppers were fitted we can’t do grinds here anymore. You Continue Reading