Skating is better with Friends

Skating with friends All right down here shop task YYC. Great to be back got some more fun skating to share with you and this one is going to be a little bit different because it’s not going to be just me with the selfie stick i had a friend Continue Reading


But I certainly love rollerblading these is Rollerblade whats up Ricardo? Olá youtube, My name is Ricardo Lino and I´m a wheel addict this video might be a little bit controversial as most of you know inline skating rollerblading Whatever, you call, it blading was Super trendy the 90s. It Continue Reading

Impala Roller Skate Product Review

Almost ready… Just gotta finish braiding my hair really fast… How’s my mustache? Good? Alright. What’s up Planet Roller Skaters?! Indy Jamma Jones here and today we are going to review the Impala Roller Skate. ♪ Five, four, three, two ♪ ♪ LET’S ROLL! ♪ ♪ This is how we Continue Reading

BMW BERLIN-MARATHON | Key points of the inline skating course

Hey everybody! I am Ewen Fernandez. We are now on the course of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON to show you some key points of the race. The first one is about sharp corners. We are now in Friedrichstraße at kilometer 8 of the BERLIN-MARATHON to show you one of the sharp Continue Reading

Skating Rollerblading Documentary Nino35yearsanniversary Skola rolera

I was always more into the child adventures, than into money adventures. When story comes from the heart, words are not sufficient This the story about making subculture & begining of this art-sport in Balcan and ex Yugoslavia, It`s also about Serbia, contry once quite closed and unfrendly for all Continue Reading


Hey guys it’sa me, Tiago the French inline skater and welcome to the new episode of Inline skating Paris! As you can see, today I’m not skating alone, there’s a Buch of inline skaters around me, it’s because we are in a little even that happens every week, the Sunday Continue Reading


Hey guys, it’s me Tiago the french inline skater and today, I have a little something to tell you I’m gonna change my skating style I’ll start aggressive skating Why? Now I have to admit, but I absolutely love watching aggressive skating videos on YouTube Nick Lomax, Eugen Enin, Montre Continue Reading

Lifia Niala belajar bermain sepatu roda – lets play inline Skating Rollerblade

There is a package Friends, Niala got roller skate Let’s open it Friends, Here is the skate a roller skate Thank you for buying roller skate for me, Papa We will unwrap this first, Friends… It is beautiful Should I push it, Papa? Let’s try to wear it Friends, Alifia Continue Reading