K-POP ROLLER SKATE DISCO met Pei Yin 🇰🇷✌🏻 (with sub)

Hey, and awesome that you are watching this new vlog I am going to a K-pop rollerskate disco with Pei Yin Which means we will have a K-pop disco party on 80’s skates Super cool and I am really excited! That is why I will be vlogging it And if Continue Reading

Phases of Death Volume I, Part V Stan The Crazy Roller Skate Man

Phone Rings Hello? No, Frank’s Not Here. Yes, Margaret’s Here. Margaret, Telephone! Putting her cat down, Margaret did not realize Stan the Crazy Rollerskate Man was on the loose. Oh My god! Oh my god, Barf’s dead! BARF! Baaarf! Barf the dead cat Daaah, What I do? Daah? Crazy Rollerskate Continue Reading

Pigeon Skates Official Channel Teaser!

What’s up you guys?! Pigeon here! You might have seen me before on Planet Roller Skate with my good friend Indy Jamma Jones but this channel is about, ME. I am a mulit-business owner. I own a roller derby league and I skate roller derby competitively. “I got a penalty.” Continue Reading

Shredpool’s THE JOAX: A Guided Tour Of WYII 2019 // An Inline Skating Journey Through WOODWARD PA

You can kick. Hey there everybody everyone buddy everybody Thanks. Thanks for thanks for tuning in and this is just before and this is before we get started you just here’s their public service announcement is don’t try this at home because if you do if you If you try Continue Reading

Brewstew – Couple Skate

Alright, when I was in fourth grade, I had a crush on this chick This chick was pretty popular, she was WAY out of my league This shitty drawing doesn’t really do it justice So I’m just gonna use a picture of Topanga from Boy Meets World *Pop* Yeah, that’s Continue Reading


[Indy] ♪ Bad-dum bad-um-bad-um-dum don’t fall down the hill ♪ ♪ While you’re showin’ off your outfit. ♪ ♪ Don’t fall down the hill while you’re showin’ off your outfit ♪♪ [Music] “ROLL OUT” BY @JFPRAPZ ♪ 5-4-3-2 ♪ ♪ Let’s roll! This is how we roll, ♪ ♪ this Continue Reading

Moxi Skate Shop “Ramp Lesson 1 – Basics”

hey I’m pigeon from the Moxi Roller Skate Shop and I’m here to teach you the basics of ramp skating so the first thing is your stance you want to have one leg in front of the other like this this will help you with your forward back balance when Continue Reading