A Week in Norway The Vidden Hike (Ulriken to Fløyen)

Bergen is known as the city of seven mountains. It looks like no one knows exactly which mountains are included in this mountain group. It definitely includes the largest four: Ulriken, which is the highest, Fløyen, Løvstakken and Damsgårdsfjellet. In this TranslatorsCafe.com Channel video I will tell about the Vidden Continue Reading

Max Ivanov Feature – Skating Coach of Malkin, Crosby and the Penguins

– Hey guys, Jeremy here with The Hockey Movement, here in Wasaga Beach, Ontario, at the Wasaga Stars Arena. This is our second instructor feature, inside this arena all the way from Russia, currently living in Pittsburgh and working with the Pittsburgh Penguins, this instructor has worked personally with Crosby Continue Reading

Sakhalin Island, Russia on $200. Seafood, Skiing and Sushi

The main thing that penal colony works did was mine for coal As you can see they’d bring the coal up to the surface on these sleds. Here you see a model of the first oil rig as you probably know today oil is a big deal on Sakhalin. But Continue Reading

Little Krishna – The Darling Of Vrindavan – English

Wicked Kalia, I banish you from these waters. The poison that bubbles thick in your mind… …and your fangs are a fatal threat to the peace and joy of these beautiful shores. Leave instantly and never return. 5000 years ago, a most wonderful boy… came to make the beautiful land Continue Reading

Suzdal, Russia on $100. Cathedrals, Stallions and Mead (Eng/Rus sub)

Hi friends, today we’re on our way to mega historic Suzdal (Суздаль) but at the moment we stopped off in Vladimir (Владимир). And as always we have one camera crew, two days, and $100 to show you everything that locals recommended that we do, see, taste, and experience in Suzdal. Continue Reading

Mongolian horse racing. Part 1./ Монгольские скачки. Часть 1.

Speak Mongolian I can hardly imagine what is it going to be look like The idea of just to mount our horses and go – I’m not sure Somehow these horses look very sad….. Speak Mongolian. – Taking in consideration that they have been catching these horses in the desert Continue Reading

Kaliningrad for $100: Dancing trees, Prussian forts, horse riding and lots of moss

Today we’re in Kaliningrand, the most European part of Russia and we’ve got, as always one cameracrew, two days and $100 to show you everything that locals… yes that locals recommended that we do, see, taste and experience in this fantastic town and you know what, I just experienced the Continue Reading

Vladimir Putin’s topless photos, explained

Russian President Vladimir Putin is know for his bizarre photos ops. In the West these seems crazy. They’re the type of things we turn into Internet memes They make great animated gifs. There are entire Tumblrs dedicated to “Shirtless Putin Doin’ Things” Action figures showing him riding bears and doing Continue Reading

Show jumping. Why does my horse jump so bad?

Show jumping. Why does my horse jump so bad? So… Good. Once more. To the left. One more time. Leg, leg, leg. So…Keep off! Keep off! Keep off! Keep off! Gather it back. Push it. Careful! At two already! Progress already! This was at one! O-hoh, how scary! Jump sharper! Continue Reading