FIRST DIVE OF THE SEASON! DJ set and hiking in St. Helena! Sailing Vessel Delos EP. 154

Skiing & sailing in Norway, above the Arctic Circle – living aboard my sailboat

My name is Juho a year ago I chose a different kind of life and moved into this sailboat now I’m skiing and sailing 500 kilometers above the Arctic circle [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

Maewan – Extreme skiing and mountaineering in Greenland

The call of the high seas Finding your path to the inaccessible The crashing waves Walking on water It’s a dream come true You’re on top of the world. The Maewan project is a four-year voyage around the world. Maewan is a base camp, for mountaineering, ice climbing, freeride skiing, Continue Reading

We Found Hikers Paradise in La Reunion! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 109

So we’re making first-day pancakes. This is the Delos tradition, which is cool. We have real coffee. Oh, awesome. Out of the French press, not instant coffee. Look at this bacon. [SIZZLING] [INAUDIBLE] Pan of goodness. We have American pancakes we’re going to make. Ooh. And we’ll feast. And then Continue Reading

Brian’s Favorite Way To Start The Morning! Sailing vessel Delos Ep. 220

This is what sailing’s all about, I think. Some magic mornings like these. [MUSIC – ONETOX, “RAMUKANJI”] [NON-ENGLISH SINGING] (SINGING) Onetox represents Solomon Island people see. We people styles originally from my homeland. Like my old man say, there’s nothing impossible. So we have to bring this message to me Continue Reading


Woo hoo! Wait, wait, wait, wait, oh my God! Awesome! She… Her name is Virginia, like the state Mm-hm I said look at the size of Summerland compared to everyone else Thank you! I’m gonna cry. I have to stop I’m really gonna cry! Ah! Ok, go, go, go Welcome Continue Reading