Hello *intro music* How are you guys watch this great video intro music intro music intro music top ten worst skate accidents ever GO SUBSCRIBE DaeDae & TreyGivens OD Top ten worst skate accidents ever whats going on fellow members of the joog squad I hope you guys have had Continue Reading

DANGEROUS Places You Should NEVER Swim!

Water is usually good for you, but in this case, you better watch out!! From flesh-eating bacteria to radioactive streams, here are 8 places where you definitely shouldn’t swim! 8. Berkeley Pit If you’re in Butte, Montana and have 2 dollars to spend, then you might want to consider visiting Continue Reading

10 Missing People Found Alive on Video

Despite all of our modern technology, it’s still possible to become hopelessly and completely lost almost anywhere. And when that happens, the odds of you getting found are beyond your control and almost undoubtedly stacked against you, that includes these cases. 10. When police pull over this van, they find Continue Reading