Scariest Hike In China – 3 Peaks Mt Huashan – China Adventure v13

Manila – Gensan – Sarangani Paragliding | PHILIPPINES

We’re gonna go up there Ok, let’s do this! Hahahaha Oh my God, I’m so nervous But I look cool ! Yeah Yea, haha Wish me luck ! Give me a sign ! Now ? Ohh wowowow ! I thought it’s gonna be scary It is ! Maraaa !! Hi, Continue Reading

The Strange Deaths of the 9 Hikers of Dyatlov Pass

– I’m Ryan, that’s Brent, let’s do this. This week on BuzzFeed Unsolved we’re covering Dyatlov Pass. It’s probably one of the weirdest cases out there. – [Brent] He says that every time. – Even your precious science won’t save you today. – Mmmkay. – [Ryan] On the evening of Continue Reading

Never Hike Alone (2017) KILL COUNT

Movie footage used in the Kill Count is owned entirely by the copyright holders. Dead Meat makes no claim of ownership uses the footage for purposes of education, commentary and critcism under fair use. Please support filmmakers and the art of film making by watching Never Hike Alone in it’s Continue Reading

Avalanche Escape – Julien Lopez – Extreme Skier

I was lucky, Unlike too many of my friends In the mointains to be equipped with an ARVA (beacon), a shovel & air bag seems to be the minimum To have friends that are trained and prepared to get you out in under 15 mins is indispensable Inspite of that Continue Reading

4 Scary Stories | Hiking and Camping Stories/ Possible Encounters With Serial Killers

I grew up in a very rural, mountainous area in western Massachusetts known as the Berkshires. It’s part of the northern stretch of the Appalachian Mountains and the Appalachian Trail ran right through my neighborhood. When I was about 5 or 6, back in the early 90’s, I had a Continue Reading

What Made Hikers Take Clothes Off In Below Freezing Temps? (The Dyatlov Pass Mystery)

February 2nd, 1959 – It’s a bitterly cold night in the remote northern Soviet Union wilderness. Nine hikers make camp in a Ural Mountains pass near the peak known as Kholat Syakhl, or the Dead Mountain. They are 7 days into a strenuous 16 day expedition and are slightly off Continue Reading