Kids Skiing – Learning How to Ski with New Generation Ski School

Two little boys took a stroll in the snow For our first ski adventure with Zoe the Pro On went the bibs – not quite down to our knees And steady and ready we clipped on our skis. Off we go! We’re not standing still And the magic carpet takes Continue Reading

How to Water Ski : Stretch Before Water Skiing

Hello my name is Arturo Nelson, we’re at Aqa Sports here in Miami we’re here to learn how to water ski, you can find more information about it on my webpage One of the things I recommend before you ski is to stretch, water skiing is a very strong Continue Reading

MY DOGS MORNING ROUTINE!! making a Pet Swimming Pool with Dad! (new cleaning game)

Skating in a drainage sewer – Red Bull Drenaje 2014

I felt very good. The audience gave me that extra energy because the spot is very exhausting. You have to push yourself all the time with all your strength, all your energy… it won’t give you any space; this spot won’t give you anything.

Ice Skating | New Words | KidVision

Put on your thinking caps, it’s time to learn a new word! Figure skating. Figure skating is ballet on ice. Say that word? Figure skating. Good job. Ice rink. An ice rink is a place where people can go skating. Say that word? Ice rink. Good job! Ice skates. Ice Continue Reading

I am an Ice Hockey Star | INDIE ALASKA

I’ve given volleyball a chance in middle school and track, but they don’t compare to hockey. I just like the adrenaline that hockey gives and like the speed of it. We were at Church and then Carlos, the founder of the foundation, came in and he introduced the idea of Continue Reading

Downhill skiing-english vocabulary

Hi. My name is Lukas. I am a teacher. Hi. I am Lukas. I am teacher as well. And this is… …MonkeyEnglish! We are in a ski resort… …in a cable way. The weather conditions are perfect. The sun is shining… …but I need moustache. Now we are ready. Perfect! Continue Reading