Skating is better with Friends

Skating with friends All right down here shop task YYC. Great to be back got some more fun skating to share with you and this one is going to be a little bit different because it’s not going to be just me with the selfie stick i had a friend Continue Reading


Hey guys it’sa me, Tiago the French inline skater and welcome to the new episode of Inline skating Paris! As you can see, today I’m not skating alone, there’s a Buch of inline skaters around me, it’s because we are in a little even that happens every week, the Sunday Continue Reading

Inline Skating at Kontraktova Square | Контрактова площа | RUS CC


Hey guys, it’s me Tiago the french inline skater and today, I have a little something to tell you I’m gonna change my skating style I’ll start aggressive skating Why? Now I have to admit, but I absolutely love watching aggressive skating videos on YouTube Nick Lomax, Eugen Enin, Montre Continue Reading


hey guys it’s me Tiago French line skater and welcome to my new video today we’ll be at low in Paris I would like to pull judge not between any video last week I was very sick except really I’ve had a rough transition from to gate 16 to 17 Continue Reading


Jon, what did you thing of this exercice? -I think it’s very good for beginners! Because it’s a good way learn how to turn, in a more effective way With a good position It’s also good for understanding the importance of where we look when we are skating Because some Continue Reading

Training Your Skate Edges

What’s up Skate Fam?! David Lawliet from Double D Skate here to bring you another lesson on the edges and why edges are so important to skating. You may have seen my most recent video in which I break down the skate edges’ functionality in six parts. If not, I Continue Reading

10 $ Used INLINE SKATES !! Are They Good? Ft. FILA Master Wave

hey guys the major concerns gator what can you get for $10 two weeks ago a mess you get a full pair of new skates for $10 I bought them just for this video let me introduce you with Phillip Master wait what type of skates are they they are Continue Reading

Slalom Inline Skate trick tutorial – EAGLE – Lesson 12

Today we are going to learn several basic moves involving flexibility. The first move is eagle. You can try to perform this move when you learn semicircle turns and when you are able to balance on one leg pretty well. Before starting to do it with cones we need to Continue Reading