ADLEY LEARNS TO SWIM UNDERWATER!! My Secret Birthday Party in a Backyard Pool with the Family :)

Adley Skate Routine! Ultimate 3 year old skateboarder!! (new backyard skatepark)

RAINY DAY ROUTINE!! Adley and Dad play in the backyard skate park in a RAIN STORM! (dont get soaked)

– Watch my scooter, geez louise. (squeals) Whoa. (upbeat music) Whoa. Dad I’ve got an idea, let’s feel up more. – More? – Yeah. – Here, I’ll pass it down. – Ready. – Are you ready? – Turn it on. (boom) (laughs) – Whoa. – (laughs) Is it coming? – Continue Reading

Adley learns to Skate – what we do in our backyard! (and play picnic with mom)

Skiing On A Bike

MERMAID swimming in SHARK water!! Beach Day at the Backyard Lake with Adley and Baby Niko!

My turn! (whooshing) – [Dad] Whoo! That was a good throw! My turn! – [Mom] Ohhh… – [Dad] Oh! You okay? Yeah. – [Dad] Holy cow! You are tough! Welcome to another best day ever! Best day ever! What are we gonna do today? We’re gonna go swimming! Yeah, we’re Continue Reading

Skating A Hoverboard

– Will It Shred? Hoverboard. Oh no!! – Currently, or is this broke? – No it works, well let’s see if it works, we just kinda dropped it but it did work this morning. Test this out a little bit, yeah it works. Piece of metal here, I don’t know Continue Reading

SWIMMING POOL inside the HOUSE!?? Barbie Dream Boat Pretend Play with Dolphin Magic 🐬

– How are we gonna get all this water outside? – Oh no! – Grab it. It’s too heavy for me. It’s spilling. – It’s not going to fit through that door. – I will dump it down the stairs. Whee. Whee. (singing) – (laughing) The Dolphin. – Okay, this Continue Reading

Kids Play at Ultimate Water Park!! Adley learns to water slide and Niko floats around!

– [Adley] Hey butterflies! – Yes. – [Dad] We’re going on the purple slide. – Whee! (upbeat music) – Whoa. Come on, dad! – Whoop! (water gurgling) (baby cooing) – One, two, three, go! – Ahhh! (water gurgling) (upbeat music) – Morning, hi, hahaha! I missed you guys. – I Continue Reading