How To Front Blunt To Regular With Snowboarder Johnny Miller: The Trick

Hello and welcome to this episode of The Trick here on Network A. Today we are in the forest of Mount Hood and we are looking for the campsite of Johnny Miller. Once we find him, we are going to bring him up on the mountain and have him teach Continue Reading

CGRundertow SHAUN PALMER’S PRO SNOWBOARDER for PlayStation 2 Video Game Review

With the success of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater franchise, Activision was just finding any extreme sport, making a game, and having it star a big name from that sport. This is what caused the creation of Shaun Palmer’s Pro Snowboarder, a game that sounds like Tony Hawk Pro Skater Continue Reading

Pat Moore’s Methodology Snowboarding Event at Loon Mountain in New Hampshire

[bullhorn siren] Alight, hey welcome everybody to methodology here at Loon Mountain, thank you all for coming out and supporting this event and the skate park, Lin-Wood. I grew up around this area in New Hampshire we used to ride here at Loon, there wasn’t too much to do as Continue Reading

Quand le snowboard était le roi des pistes

How To One Foot Straight Line On A Snowboard

There are a ton of times you’ll need to go down hills with just one foot strapped into your snowboard. Getting off the chairlift is probably the most common one, it’s important that you’re able to ride in control speed and direction with just one foot strapped in. The first Continue Reading

Snowboarding Trick Tip! Andrecht Handplants With Mike Ravelson

We’re at the hill and we’re going to do some handplants. What kind of handplants are we going to do Ralph? I think we’re thinking the Andrecht. Oh the Andrecht. Now, if we’re going to break the Andrecht down to it’s many parts, how many main components would it have? Continue Reading


Okay, goodbye Yes, i almost killed myself. BUT IM ALIVE OLá Tube my name is Ricardo Lino and I’m a wheel addict. I’m on the top of Cederberg Mountain I think that’s the name of it And it’s like a really known place for rock climbing and if you can Continue Reading

🛹 La Guerre du Skate – TV Quiberon 24/7