Pro Skater Ray Barbee – Epicly Later’d – VICE

RAY BARBEE: I mean, to me, honestly, I always looked at punk as more of a way of thinking, if you will. It’s kind of more that part of you that’s just like, man, I want to do this. This is the norm? I want to do that! If there’s Continue Reading

Skate World: France

SAMIR KRIM: That was a fun cruise. Like, we would just go from Bastille, which is on the other side of town, and we would just ride, you know? All along the Seine. Come skate that spot, then go skate that spot, then go skate the museum. And in the Continue Reading

Surf and Skate Wonder Kid Sky Brown eyeing Tokyo 2020 | Exclusive Interview

Hi, my name is Sky and I’m from Miyazaki Japan My hobbies are to skate and surf, and do fighting, karate, jujitsu, dance and singing… I have a lot! When I saw my dad is skating and I felt, I knew I wanted to be a skater I like it Continue Reading

In Search of Mexico’s Top Skate Spots

Salut, c’est River, des bureaux de VICE à Brooklyn. Nos amis de VICE Mexique ont invité 4 des meilleurs skateurs du pays à faire une tournée des spots de skate les plus sympas du Mexique. Salut, je suis Alfredo Franco. Les gens m’appellent “Blunt”. Je suis skateur et caméraman. Je Continue Reading

Pro Skater Jerry Hsu – Epicly Later’d – VICE

PATRICK O’DELL: What videos do you have that you’re in? I can see one of them? JERRY HSU: I can’t believe you’re making me watch this. Wait, this is a trick that I worked on for weeks, like weeks nonstop trying to learn it. PATRICK O’DELL: Dude, you have the Continue Reading

Skate World: Germany

[MUSIC PLAYING] CHRIS PFANNER: Hamburg still has a good scene, you know? Like a lot of good skaters from Germany come from here with the skate hall tours. So during the winter they have a lot of opportunities to skate. You don’t have that often in many German cities. It’s Continue Reading

Fastest Scooter Wheels EVER Made?

What think ah, oh my god, come on just All the ways Just Super-super unfortunate to see this right now We are currently in Marietta and there’s a massive massive fire coming over the top of that mountain You can actually see all the flames on the mountain just about Continue Reading

How to backside boardslide | Learn to skate | Skateboard tricks

Hi guys, Barns here and today I’m going to show you how to boardslide. A boardslide is a trick that involves turning your board sideways and sliding it on the centre part of the deck in between both sets off wheels. So you need to find a ledge and hopefully, Continue Reading

How to Skate Bowls – Guide to Pumping, Carving, and Maintaining Speed

My name is Justin Lauria, and today I’m going to show you the basics of riding a skateboard in bowls and pools. So, before we get started, first take a moment to check your trucks and make sure that they’re loose enough to be skating in a bowl. You can Continue Reading