Synchronized Figure Skating in Wichita

“Five Six Seven Eight” This is where the MidPac sectionals for the synchro skating competition is being held but it’s really exciting it’s great to see the kids all skating together and learning to just live as a team especially this year is a great dynamic with the team and Continue Reading

Powder and Rails: Snowboard Legend Jake Burton Carpenter

[MUSIC PLAYING] TODD KOHLMAN: That’s one of the first early Burton signs that was on the Manchester buildings. It’s based off a shot, an actual shot, of Jake from the ’82 catalog. So here’s a timeline on our history here at Burton. As you know, it started in 1977. Great Continue Reading

1998 Olympic Gold Medalist Tara Lipinski Previews Olympic Figure Skating | TODAY

My Not-So-First-Time Ice Skating! | Vlogmas (but not really)

Hey everyone! I don’t know if you can hear me But, we found some shelter We came into this cafe place and they have heated lamps So, we’ve warmed up now I was freezing before I couldn’t move my body or my hands and stuff and my friend lent me Continue Reading

How To Climb Up & Down On A Snowboard

Sometimes the hill is too steep to skate up efficiently and then unstrapping your front foot to walk up is just a drag. In times like these turn your boards so it’s across the fall line and use your toe edge to climb up. The fall line is the most Continue Reading