How To Indy, Melon, Mute & Stalefish Grab On A Snowboard (Goofy)

Grabing on jumps Bouncing on a tramp emulates what it’ll be like to pop off a jump. When it comes to actual snowboarding, know what grab you’re gonna try before you approach the jump. Focus on your grab after you leave the lip rather than before. Having a strong ollie Continue Reading

How To Setup Your High Back Angles On A Snowboard

High back angles The angles of your high backs is something that not many people know how to adjust or why. Right now my bindings are mounted at 15 degrees and negative 9 degrees. So, consequently my high backs are also facing 15 degrees and negative 9. What I’m gonna Continue Reading

How To Ride Halfpipe On A Snowboard (Regular)

Body Position When riding pipe, you’re constantly moving through different transitions so it’s critical to keep your body balanced in reference to the pipe walls. This means that your weight and body position should always be perpendicular to the pipe wall at any time. When riding through the bottom, your Continue Reading

How To Frontside Shifty On A Snowboard (Regular)

Frontside Shifty The key behind every shifty is counter-rotation, where you twist your upper and lower body against each other while in the air. Step 1 With your board off, feel the position of counter-rotation. Start with your upper and lower body aligned. Jump and rotate your board 90 degrees Continue Reading

How To MFM Butter On A Snowboard (Regular)

Prerequisite techniques The MFM is a combination of a nollie frontside 180 and the Tail butter frontside 180. We have a whole tutorial on the Tail butter 180s so make sure you’ve watched and learnt that first. Static Board Off The easiest way to get your head around this trick Continue Reading

How To Boardslide 270 Out On A Snowboard (Regular)

270’s out. Start by jumping a front 3. Land blind and ride away. Now do this. Tailslide, 270. It’s almost exactly the same with a box put in the middle. As you’re in the tailslide, keep your body winding around and once you reach a maximum wound up position that’s Continue Reading

How To Buy A Snowboard

Yo this is Nev Lapwood We here today at Showcase Snowboards in Whistler Canada. It’s one of our local board shops, has a great selection of boards. This video is all about how to choose a snowboard and what you should be looking for. To get things started broad Continue Reading

Tramp Board Training: How To 180 With Grabs On A Snowboard

Hi, this is Nev Lapwood from Snowboard Addiction. We’re out at Bounce in Whistler and this is a Tramp Board tutorial about how to add 180s to your grabs for more style. Adding grabs to your 180s is basically a way to make your 180s way more stylish. There’s no Continue Reading

How To Ollie On A Snowboard (Regular)

Ollie: The third way to get air is an ollie. Make sure you can easily pop off a bunch of small features before learning this. With an ollie we use the boards energy to help us jump. An ollie gives you the most height with the least amount of effort Continue Reading

How To Miller Flip On A Snowboard (Regular)

Hi this is Nev Lapwood, A Miller Flip is originally a skateboarding trick. It’s a frontisde handplant where you flip all the way around to fakie. In snowboarding a real miller flip is done in a quarter pipe however the trick has evolved and is now commonly known as Continue Reading