the best winter activity there is close to croc is only 1 hour and 40 minutes away take a metro to either Florence or tarry must and from there to take a bus up till liver and after you get to live in its you got to find yourself number Continue Reading

UNEXPECTED Episode 5: Skiing Cooke City

My name is Brody Leven, a professional skier from Salt Lake City. My friend Adam and I have a history of road trips together, so we’re spending a year traveling around in different RVs and going on adventures with our friends. More than anything else, Adam and I identify as Continue Reading

Skiing and Snowboarding in Xinjiang, China’s Remote Western Region

(slow music) – [Josh Voiceover] You’ve got this, Josh. Sure, you may be a Texan who never grew up with snow. You only strapped on skis for the first time in high school and never, ever tried snowboarding in your life. But you’ve got this. How hard could it be? Continue Reading

Thom’s Review-Salomon QST 92 Skis

Hi I’m Thom and I just got off the Salomon QST 92. This is a 5 out of 5 star ski for me. At this waist width it’s just a fantastic all-around ski. Definitely aimed to your high-level intermediate through your advanced-level skier who wants on trail performance but they Continue Reading

Winter Wonderland: Ice Skating In Australia! | The Rybka Twins

(holiday music) – [Teagan] Mandurah! We made it guys, here is the ice rink. We are totally getting a penguin because they are so cute. They’re meant to help the kids. – [Sam] We’re going to need help though. – [Both] Hey guys! – I’m Teagan. – I’m Sam. – Continue Reading

Carving on Cannabis with a Snowboard Gold Medalist

We’re gonna go have a little safety meeting in the trees over there. A little ski chair. That’s good enough. Thanks. Good luck rolling a joint that fast in the woods. Not quit as convenient as just being able to vaporize it like the way we do. I’m pretty good. Continue Reading

All About Winter Sports | Skiing, Ice Skating, Sledding & More | Wiki for Kids at Cool School

Hi! It’s me, Nikki, with an all-new Nikki’s wiki. Today’s wiki is all about winter sports. My favorite winter sport is throwing snowballs at my brother! Playing sports outside in the freeeezing cold has actually been around for a very long time! In fact, the first set of skis were Continue Reading

Skating Santiago with the Pros – Red Bull Ruta 5 – Part 2

Nothing else to say about the stay and how well Red Bull has treated us. ♪ (music) ♪ We had to head downtown, and the street seemed to be all ours, right? And we were living all that energy, we were all together; more than 30 persons having fun, riding Continue Reading

Skiing in the Sierra Nevada, Granada

Welcome to Europe’s most southerly ski resort, the gorgeous ski station of Pradollano… …situated in the beautiful natural park of Sierra Nevada in the province of Granada. Let’s explore these majestic slopes. We invite you to discover the extraordinary mountains of Granada… …its ski resort and the wonderful Sierra Nevada Continue Reading

Determining Your Ski Ability Level by Skis com

Hi, I’m Kevin with Today I’m going to give a quick rundown of the different skill levels associated with skiing. This video will help you make sure that you’re choosing the right skis and boots that matches up to your ability level. We’ll start off from the bottom and Continue Reading