Skate World: Spain

[MUSIC PLAYING] DANNY LOZANO: [SPEAKING SPANISH] BORJA SANTIAGO: [SPEAKING SPANISH] IGNACIO: [SPEAKING SPANISH] DANNY LOZANO: [SPEAKING SPANISH] BORJA SANTIAGO: [SPEAKING SPANISH] DANNY LOZANO: For sure, it’s the oldest store in Madrid, if not even Spain, I don’t know. But it’s super old. The thing is that it looks exactly the Continue Reading

HIKING IN SPAIN – 1,500 km to discover Spain

SKATEBOARD WHEELS: All You Need To Know – Skate Setup | Titus

Lauren Graham Broke Her Wrist ‘Skiing’

Hi. Hi. I just learned that you haven’t been here in a year and a half. Is that right? It doesn’t seem like it. It doesn’t. Maybe that’s wrong. Maybe it’s so right, it’s wrong. Maybe it’s so wrong that it’s right. I want to ask you about your hand. Continue Reading

Spanish History on the Camino de Santiago: A Hiking Adventure, May Term 2018

Hi. My name is Nanette Hanks. I’m the assistant dean for curriculum in the College of Liberal Arts. And I lead a global seminar in northern Spain on The Camino de Santiago. We walk about 300 miles in 21 days from the border between France and Spain all the way Continue Reading

Skiing in the Sierra Nevada, Granada

Welcome to Europe’s most southerly ski resort, the gorgeous ski station of Pradollano… …situated in the beautiful natural park of Sierra Nevada in the province of Granada. Let’s explore these majestic slopes. We invite you to discover the extraordinary mountains of Granada… …its ski resort and the wonderful Sierra Nevada Continue Reading

Hiking the Pyrenees – Inside the Volcano of La Garrotxa

hey everybody this is really cool we’re in the Pyrenees of Catalunya, and we are standing inside a volcano right now. It’s the Croscat volcanoe here in la Garrotxa. What a beautiful area here. Obviously, the soil super-rich it’s super green, definitely a place to come. And it’s very unique Continue Reading

Abandoned Factory in Spain with Zombie Fortress (i was afraid..)

We are at Spain right now and I figured it out that there’s an abandoned, I think, fabric factory in here like you see in the background so … There seems to be some wild horse in there. Let’s maybe play with it later. Yeah, later, but let’s go now, Continue Reading

Exploring Malaga, Spain 2/2 (WWE!, Horse Riding, Scenic Lift)

Hello and Good day. This is travel vlog from Spain in the town of Malaga. In Malaga, there’s a little place called Fuengirola. Here I am, actually first time in my life, in Taco Bell. They asked my name. I tried to say Janne but they wrote NAMNE. Yeah. That’s Continue Reading