Hiking the Pyrenees – Inside the Volcano of La Garrotxa

hey everybody this is really cool we’re in the Pyrenees of Catalunya, and we are standing inside a volcano right now. It’s the Croscat volcanoe here in la Garrotxa. What a beautiful area here. Obviously, the soil super-rich it’s super green, definitely a place to come. And it’s very unique Continue Reading

Abandoned Factory in Spain with Zombie Fortress (i was afraid..)

We are at Spain right now and I figured it out that there’s an abandoned, I think, fabric factory in here like you see in the background so … There seems to be some wild horse in there. Let’s maybe play with it later. Yeah, later, but let’s go now, Continue Reading

Exploring Malaga, Spain 2/2 (WWE!, Horse Riding, Scenic Lift)

Hello and Good day. This is travel vlog from Spain in the town of Malaga. In Malaga, there’s a little place called Fuengirola. Here I am, actually first time in my life, in Taco Bell. They asked my name. I tried to say Janne but they wrote NAMNE. Yeah. That’s Continue Reading


Welcome to a new VLOG here I am having an andalusian breakfast: bread olive oil and tomato, ham it’s 9:50 quite early for Andalusia we drove and we’re about half an hour from Seville and I have an appointment with Charlotte, a French girls who came here to improve horse Continue Reading