Can Niek Deelstra Become the Next Speed Skating Icon? | Heroes of the Future

I’m Niek Deelstra, I’m 18 years old and a I’m Dutch speed skater. I think it’s great, the speed… My biggest dream is winning gold in the Olympics, and, yeah, that’s really my biggest dream. Well, speed skating is one of the biggest sports here in Holland. Nowhere else in Continue Reading


Oh my God, they’re after me. I have to escape the meat processing factory! I will not be turned into a steak dinner! Top of the morning to you laddies. My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to Skate 3. I’m playing as meat man. Say hello. Nice to meat Continue Reading

Dancing on Ice: How do ice skaters spin? With Suzanne Shaw and Matt Evers | We The Curious

its 8:30 in the morning and we’re very excited because today we’re getting a special behind-the-scenes look Suzanne Shaw and Matt Evers the 2008 winners of ITV’s Dancing on Ice as they’re practicing behind me for the next season. I’ve gotta say my most favorite outdoor ice rink I’ve ever Continue Reading

TIME TRIAL | Speed Skating India |


SUPER ULTRA MEGA PARK STUNT ON SKATE 3 (Skate 3 Speed Glitch, Pop Glitch & Underground Glitch)

you know what it is skate 3 every day so in my last skate 3 video we were on this skater let’s change him up and while I change this fucking beautiful ass bitch up i’ma show you guys how to do the speed glitch after I finish editing my Continue Reading


so I just came back from my last photoshoot and I’ve been invited to go to the ice skate rink with some friends and I’m not really ice skater let’s get it on ice like three times I guess I don’t have any ice skates but I’ll take the rental Continue Reading

I Am a Roller Speed Skater | Youth Olympic Games

I am Camila Rivera and I’m a speed skater. Speed Skating is a very unique and demanding sport. Mental strength is the most important thing. You can be in great shape but if you don’t have your head in the game, you’ve got nothing. When I’m skating I feel very Continue Reading

Speed Skating: Tips for Beginners

hey everybody My name is Ewen Fernandez 8th time world champion this is my teammate Quentin Giraudeau from the Rollerblade world team we are here today in Nantes to give you some tips to become a better speed skater so first tip it’s about the basic position an inline it’s Continue Reading

BMW BERLIN-MARATHON | Inline skating basics

Hey everybody! I am Ewen Fernandez. I am here with my teammate Quentin Giraudeau to give you some tips for the next BMW BERLIN-MARATHON. The first tip is about the basic and safety position. It doesn’t matter your level – if you are a beginner, advanced or a pro. It Continue Reading