10.03.2016 – Alex’ Speedskate Equipment 2016 | ENGLISH Junker inline speed skating HD www.eAlex.me

Hi folks! Today I’m gonna show you my speedskate of 2016. Here we go: My shoes are again Junkersports this year. You can see, they are all new – I wear it only one time until now. The shoes are custom boots – they are build on the basis of Continue Reading

BMW BERLIN-MARATHON | Key points of the inline skating course

Hey everybody! I am Ewen Fernandez. We are now on the course of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON to show you some key points of the race. The first one is about sharp corners. We are now in Friedrichstraße at kilometer 8 of the BERLIN-MARATHON to show you one of the sharp Continue Reading

Speed Skating’s World-Famous Mopping Band | Groupies

The best mopping band in the whole world, here’s Kleintje Pils. Kleintje Pils is good fun. It’s an old Dutch tradition and they’ve been around the world. They create the vibe, the people. Just like tulips, cheese and clogs they’re a part of Dutch culture. (GROUPIES) (SASSENHEIM, NETHERLANDS KLEINTJE PILS Continue Reading

Racing With an Olympic Speed Skater

– [Brittany] When you’re getting on the ice and pairs of skaters are already racing before you, it can be very, very noisy, but the second I step on the ice for my race, I become hyper focused. My name is Brittany Bowe, and I am an Olympic long track Continue Reading

SWITCH SKIING WORLD RECORD – Quentin Ladame Skis Backwards into History

FAST, you will be fast Let’s go! Here we are on the speed piste of Vars. The piste of all the speed records. We are waiting for Quentin who is super motivated to hold the switch-skiing record. The target is 131 km/h (81,40 mph) 126 km/h (78mph) needs to go Continue Reading

Can Niek Deelstra Become the Next Speed Skating Icon? | Heroes of the Future

I’m Niek Deelstra, I’m 18 years old and a I’m Dutch speed skater. I think it’s great, the speed… My biggest dream is winning gold in the Olympics, and, yeah, that’s really my biggest dream. Well, speed skating is one of the biggest sports here in Holland. Nowhere else in Continue Reading


Oh my God, they’re after me. I have to escape the meat processing factory! I will not be turned into a steak dinner! Top of the morning to you laddies. My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to Skate 3. I’m playing as meat man. Say hello. Nice to meat Continue Reading

Dancing on Ice: How do ice skaters spin? With Suzanne Shaw and Matt Evers | We The Curious

its 8:30 in the morning and we’re very excited because today we’re getting a special behind-the-scenes look Suzanne Shaw and Matt Evers the 2008 winners of ITV’s Dancing on Ice as they’re practicing behind me for the next season. I’ve gotta say my most favorite outdoor ice rink I’ve ever Continue Reading