How To Advanced Frontside 180 On A Snowboard

Frontside 180s are a very simple and easy spin trick, but they can still be extremely stylish when done well. Most riders tend to spin Frontside from their heel edge, however you can also spin from your toe edge and it’s relatively easy to do for a 180. When spinning Continue Reading

How To Backside 360 On A Snowboard (Goofy)

Backside Find a side hit that forces you to approach on your toe edge or drop from the opposite side at the bottom of the pipe. Do a straight air first and make sure to use your legs to pop, getting at least a foot from the ground. Hike back Continue Reading

How To Frontside & Cab 180 On A Snowboard

Frontside and Switch Frontside 180’s, also known as Cab 180’s or Half cabs, are often the first spin people learn because you don’t need to turn your head to do it. Frontside is when you spin so your chest or your Frontside is facing forwards during the first 90 degrees Continue Reading

How To 50-50 Street Style Rails On A Snowboard (Regular)

Frontside and Backside 50-50s As you start to hit bigger rails and boxes, you’ll find that some require an ollie on from the side, like skateboarding. These are called street-style features which are usually downhill and have 2 directions to approach from, frontside or backside. A frontside 50-50 is where Continue Reading

How To Frontside 540 On A Snowboard

A frontside 540 is done by completing a front three with enough time left in the air to add an extra 180. The last part of this trick feels like a frontside 180. So practice your front 3’s and front ones, until you’re confident enough to combine them. Approach with Continue Reading

South Korea demands figure skating probe after Kim loses gold but IOC won’t probe judging row

South Korea have demanded a review of the controversial Olympic Games women’s figure skating competition which saw national heroine Kim Yu-Na beaten to gold by Russia’s Adelina Sotnikova.Defending Olympic champion Kim was relegated to the silver medal position by the Russian 17-year-old in Thursday’s free skate despite putting in an Continue Reading

How To Switch Cork 540 On Skis

Switch Cork 5s are a fun way to get truly corked for the first time instead of being on a flippy, Switch Rodeo axis or being perfectly upright with the Switch 540. Before getting corky, let’s make sure you can pull around Switch 5s easily with the skis on. So Continue Reading

Shredpool’s THE JOAX: A Guided Tour Of WYII 2019 // An Inline Skating Journey Through WOODWARD PA

You can kick. Hey there everybody everyone buddy everybody Thanks. Thanks for thanks for tuning in and this is just before and this is before we get started you just here’s their public service announcement is don’t try this at home because if you do if you If you try Continue Reading

How To Bio 540 On Skis

It’s common to confuse the Bio 540 with the Misty 540. The difference between them is that one is an off-axis trick while the other is a non-inverted spin. In a Bio 5, your head and shoulders are above your hips at all times, whereas in a Misty 5 they Continue Reading