Ranch Revolution | The Eric Andre Show | Adult Swim

It’s a ranch revolution. Pbht. Dude, you got to help me set up this urinal, mellow. My hands are tied. Oh, shit. Wait. You’re Stephany Nuggs. What’s up, Steph Nuggs? No bris-respect. You circumcised? I just spent my last dollar on clove babes. Pfft! Pfft! [ Farts ] [ Indistinct Continue Reading

The Rules of Polo – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains, the Rules of Polo. The object of the game is to score more goals than the other team. Polo is a sport that is played on horses, known as ‘polo ponies’, and is played on a field that measures a maximum of 300 yards by 160 yards. Teams Continue Reading

How to Snowboard : How to Turn Heelside When Snowboarding

Hi, my name is Matt Vansteenis and on behalf of Expert Village we are going to learn how to snowboard today at Cannonsburg Ski Resort in beautiful Grand Rapids, Michigan. In this segment we’re going to teach you the basics of going down the hill, that’s why you all want Continue Reading

How This Paralympic Snowboarder Overcame Her Disability | Cosmopolitan

What I do want to be remembered for is somebody who made change and someone who blurred the lines between what’s possible and not possible. I grew up skiing and snowboarding and absolutely fell in love with snowboarding when I was 15 years old. Knew that it would be something Continue Reading

Tyler Nicholson & Jamie Anderson: A Snowboarding Love Story | CBC Sports

I knew she was an awesome shredder and I knew that, and was just, like, an icon in snowboarding, so, like, I was super intimidated to talk to her. And then we’re out drinking, and dancing, and staying at one of my sponsors’ house and he, like, walked me to Continue Reading

Justin Bieber Teaches Jimmy Fallon How to Play Hockey

-Hey, guys. I’m here with Justin Bieber, and we’re gonna play some hockey, or as they call it in Canada…? -Hockey. -Really? -Yeah. -Okay, let’s do this. Why do we need all this stuff? This is the dumbest thing. -So, imagine a puck, which is like really hard, you know, Continue Reading