What Is High Elbow Swimming? | 4 Tips For Freestyle Swimming Technique

– Would you like to swim faster? Of course you would. Well, one of the best ways to do that is to focus on high elbow swimming. But what on earth is high elbow swimming? Well, it’s a phrase that we hear time and time again and for a very Continue Reading

Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – The 9th Sport, Swimming! (2015.07.28)

(June, 2015, Seocho-dong) – At ease, attention! / – Are we recording? Say something. Congratulate each other for surviving. Bow to each other. You’re amazing. Clap. You’re amazing. Phoenix. (Phoenix Jisuk) It isn’t the strongest who survive. The ones who survive are the strongest. There’s a saying that goes like Continue Reading

The Pull – How To Swim Front Crawl | Freestyle Swimming Technique

– Today I’m at Team Bath and I’m going to be talking you through the pool phase of the front crawl stroke, which is the propulsive phase of the stroke. This is simply the part in which your hand and your arm are pulling against the water directly beneath our Continue Reading

THE AXEL JUMP ❤ How To Figure Skate

Hi guys and welcome back to my channel today We are going to be doing another skating video today the axel jump which was super highly requested so I’m just going to be sharing some tips and tricks that will help and improve your axel and Hopefully allow you to Continue Reading

Testing Portable Kicker Ramp at SKATEPARK!

Brando is currently looking at flipping the Gras ramp that Liberty’s got out yesterday and he’s upset because he’s nervous But I told me that the last little baby rent the he flipped is it’s actually easier to flip than that one So I think he’s got a first try Continue Reading

Fischer Alpine Skis | Progressor F19 TI

This is the brand new Progressor F19 from Fischer. In the development process the main focus was not only on light weight but also on maximum skiing fun. By using a milled wood core – which we call Air Tec technology – we are able to reduce the weight by Continue Reading