We Painted a Horse! | Blakely’s Birthday Party

okay princess all right you ready to go let’s head over and get set up are we here yeah who do you see Oh baby Oh what are we getting likely a unicorn miss Brittany’s gonna – OH who’s this guy yeah okay how do they hide your fans likely Continue Reading

When Horses Attack

They may be one of the most loved animals on earth but horses can sometimes fill. We bring you some moments when horses attrack. What is it? Equus ferus caballus or the common horse is a hoofed mammal, also known as an ungulate that belongs to the Equidae family. Horses Continue Reading

Horse riding lesson day 5 – the riding school intro + class note

I would like to show you a riding school to where I attend Let’s begin from here, the polo field That is the arena 5, the main space for the riding lesson Stable with colourful roof at 7 Arena 6 across of the arena 5 I hardly saw a person Continue Reading

Rockin’ Rider Stable Horse

I’m a little pony clippity clop… Rockin’ Rider Stable Horses The interactive sit on horse toys with so many ways to play! Our child sized stable horses feature realistic horse looks, saddle and reins, and you and your child will love that they’re made of soft huggable plush! Because they’re Continue Reading

Riding Side Saddle – The Victorian Way

Good morning, my name is Miss Willoughby. I’ve had the most charming visit here at Audley End House. Whenever I stay with my aunt in Littlebury I always take the opportunity to take a ride out and visit the house. I’ve always been grateful for my aunt encouraging me to Continue Reading

The Cowboys Riding Philadelphia’s Streets

(hooves on pavement) – The horses really do help you with aggression. Once you own a horse, and you out, that’s all your mind is on, is having fun. My Shahir and I’m a Concrete Cowboy. (hooves on pavement) I first got a horse after I turned 10. I was Continue Reading

Tiny Horse: Cute Steed Suffers From Dwarfism

00:10 COMM: Acer, the three-year-old miniature horse is about to be the smallest horse in Britain at just 22 inches tall. 00:20 MAUREEN: Normal miniature is 34 and under and Acer is 22. so he’s a miniature miniature. 00:28 COMM: The tiny equine is so small that owner Maureen lets Continue Reading

Carousel Stables Horseback Riding in Norfolk County – Let’s Discover ON

Hi everybody it’s Tony and Petula. And Let’s Discover Ontario, we always love to bring you to new places and show fun things to try with your family. We’re here with Savannah today, where are we? We’re in Norfolk County. AND THIS is Carousel Stables! Hi Randy, I’m here for Continue Reading

Horse Riding: How To Start

First of all when you start riding a horse you should be instructed on how to sit correctly. As you can see, Jennifer here has got quite a lovely position, she is sitting up nice and tall but she is not stiff, there’s still some softness through her back. She’s Continue Reading