Bears Show How to Ride a Horse

(lively instrumental music) – I’m Sue Webb, I instruct most of the riding classes at Missouri State University. This is Meghan Mothershead. She’s a graduate student in the equine program. Okay, first of all, a horse perceives his world a little differently than we do. If you notice, he has Continue Reading

Horse on the Force – WSUPD Mounted Ofc. Brandon Murphy and Andre – Wayne State University

[Sound of horse’s hooves] I mean, I love Andre. He’s a good partner. But just being out and about this is definitely a different way to police. Definitely some more positive interactions I would or involve myself with the community interact with all different types of people. So I love Continue Reading

CHP VLOG Ep. 1 – Mounted Patrol Unit

Hey, I’m Officer Ronie Esquivel. Thank you very much for tuning into our vlog. Today, we’re gonna hang out with the Mounted Patrol Unit that’s located at our Capitol, but first we need to prep the horses. So let’s go see if they need some help. Let’s go. Sergeant DiMaggio? Continue Reading