My Inline Skating Setup (2017)

hey guys it’s me Tiago the french Inline skater I often get asked about my inline skating setup so here is a video about it I consider myself as a freestyle skier and I use case I have been built for this task so let’s talk about my main scale Continue Reading

Lauren Graham Broke Her Wrist ‘Skiing’

Hi. Hi. I just learned that you haven’t been here in a year and a half. Is that right? It doesn’t seem like it. It doesn’t. Maybe that’s wrong. Maybe it’s so right, it’s wrong. Maybe it’s so wrong that it’s right. I want to ask you about your hand. Continue Reading

How to make a hiking stick from a PVC pipe

Hi and welcome to another episode of Great Cove Adventure Films. Today I have a project I want to show you – I’m going to show you how you can make a hiking stick from a PVC pipe. This is a 1 inch PVC pipe, and it’s the schedule 40 Continue Reading

FITS All Season Original Full Seat Breeches – Pull On Review

CASEY: Hi, I’m Casey, I work in Marketing, and today, I’m reviewing the FITS All Season Original Full Seat Pull On Breeches. I love these breeches. I love them, because they’re flattering, and I love them because they’re comfortable. I cannot tell you how many pairs of full seats are Continue Reading

Piper Knit Breeches with Silicone Grip by SmartPak Showcase

CHRIS: I’m Chris from Merchandising here at SmartPak, and today I’m going to showcase our Piper Knit Silicone Grip collection of breeches. This collection is near and dear to my heart, as I personally was involved in the design and development of this line. And I’m going to tell you, Continue Reading